What is a Twin Flame and How to Know If You Found Yours

What is a Twin Flame and How to Know If You Found Yours

How to know that the person you love is your ‘twin flame’ and not your ‘soulmate’?

Twin flames are stronger than soulmates

According to legend, the universe created two people in the body of one, so they were together all the time and became the purest energy. They shared everything ... until, inexplicably, life decided to separate both into bodies. And individual beings in scenarios, even in different times, caused the two to search through life to rejoin for eternity because they did not know how to be without their other half: like the soul mates, they were in the beginning.

Find out if your partner is your twin flame

The goal was for the two to have different personalities and lives and complement each other over time. This is how the idea was born that each being has a soul mate hanging around there and, without knowing how and when it will come, it will come to unite for life. It may sound like the most powerful and pure. However, there is another that is even stronger and more intense: that of the twin flames.

Twin Flame vs Soulmate

Yes, twin flames are stronger than soulmates. You can have several times in your life, while you call them only once in all your lives, even in reincarnation. Twin flames, according to Greek mythology, are the strongest due to their spiritual and emotional bonds. Their thoughts are already connected from the first day they open their eyes to life and go through a long and even painful process to find each other.

signs                                                                                                you've finally found your soulmate

The path to meet your twin flame is full of much adversity before they go through disappointments, pain and a lot of patience to reach the way of wisdom. When both are born, they prepare for this path and can be found in adolescence, even from childhood; Their connection is so strong that they can feel it even in their sleep, but many times they do not dare to accept it.


Surely you have already met your twin flame, the intensity is felt in their looks, and they have probably crossed a few words. They move away to go the complicated path, even with other soulmates, without that spiritual connection. Later one of the two feels ready to meet again, pursues the other, but the latter has not yet completed his preparation. Over time, the one who was not prepared takes the side of the one he was pursuing, and this one now refuses because he considers that it is not worth it to be “begging” for love. However, neither of them ceases to feel that intense connection and love. When both reached the goal and achieved the objectives of the journey, they meet again to be happy in this life and many more because in the previous ones they have already been.

signs that it is your soulmate

The signs that will help you know if you have met your twin flame or if you are with her:

1. Preparation

2. Recognition

3. Separation periods

4. Dreams and communication

5. Mirage

6. Triggering of emotions

7. Transformation and spiritual awakening (maturity)

8. One run, the other chases

9. The roles are reversed

10. Meet

Karmic love, soulmates or twin flames?

Your twin flame may have a different age from yours, beliefs, thoughts. It may even be in a completely different place than yours. However, if that person is the one who spiritually connected with you on the day of their birth, destiny, life, and time will take care of bringing them together because exactly that is a twin flame. No matter how many times they separate or stray, life will find a way to reunite them for eternity.

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