What Does It Mean When A Planet Is Retrograde?

What Does It Mean When A Planet Is Retrograde?

A planet in the retrograde state is when we have the optical illusion that it is in the opposite movement from the point of view of those on Earth. In other words, it looks like the planet is going backward. Physically, he is not going backward, but this perception also has its significance in astrology.

When analyzing an astral chart, when seeing who a planet has the retrograde symbol on its side, it means that the characteristics of that planet in that energy in the person will have a less evident development. This does not mean that the person only has problems with these characteristics. Still, it indicates that the energies indicated by this planet on the map will be somewhat hidden and will not flow openly to everyone. For example, someone with the planet Mercury retrograde in the birth chart may feel that the development of their communication is a little slow and not so evident. The person may have difficulty speaking in public or expressing themselves clearly. But that does not mean that there is no evolution in your communication.

Regarding the horoscope, which is the analysis of the energies that are most influential at a given moment, we can identify in the year when which planet will be retrograde and prepare for that period to use the energies in the best possible way so that we are not negatively affected by the period. Let’s look at the coming periods and show how you can take care of the energies in your personal life in moments of planets retrograde:

Mercury Retrograde - April 29 to May 23; August 31 to September 23; December 20 to January 9

During these periods, it is recommended not to communicate impulsively and thoughtlessly. Communication will not be the strong point of the period, so avoid talking without thinking and writing messages without evaluating what you said before. On the other hand, it is an excellent time to get in touch with people you haven’t seen in a long time and look for information on forgotten subjects.

Mars Retrograde - April 18 to June 30

Avoid getting into fights during this period. Mars is the planet that expresses how you spend your energy, so avoid spending too much energy to avoid possible problems. Beware of impulsivity. It may be an excellent time to go back to playing sports or physical exercises that you haven’t done in a long time or to resume some initiative that has been stuck in the past.

Jupiter Retrograde - January 3 to May 10

This is not a good time to take chances with questionable acts from an ethical and moral point of view (and if you think coldly, this is never a good idea). You may also experience difficulty with academic studies during this period. The good thing is that it can be an excellent time to remember a study that you abandoned a long time ago or to travel again to a place you haven’t visited in a while.

Saturn Retrograde - March 26 to August 14

Try not to get into conflicts in situations involving authorities and hierarchical levels during this period. The energies are not favorable for an easy resolution to problems that involve hierarchy. On the other hand, it may be an excellent time to review agreements (which do not involve hierarchy) and resume discipline in some activities of your daily life.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (for astrology, Pluto is considered a planet), are linked to a more macrocosmic level of energy than a personal level, so it is not very common feel their effects so directly in our lives. But, if you feel these energies, they also have their backward periods:

Uranus Retrograde - July 30 to December 30

It is a period when there may be problems related to technology. Therefore, try to make backups of your files on your computer frequently and avoid buying electronic devices during this period.

Neptune Retrograde - June 14 to November 21

Religion and spiritual practices can have conflicts during this period. Try to maintain your spirituality, but without being deceived by false promises and illusions.

Pluto Retrograde - April 19 to November 27

During this time, be careful with risky investments and be very careful in dealing with other people’s money. It can be an excellent time to overcome old fears and traumas.

These are some general essential tips for these periods. However, the energies of each moment are perceived differently by a person. Therefore, a personalized horoscope is the most effective method if you want to plan your life better and be more prepared for each energy period of the year.

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