What happens when you are unfaithful to scorpio?


When Scorpio discovers that you have been unfaithful, prepare for the worst ... If Scorpio already has a bad reputation, when you betray him it is as if the third world war began. Really, it’s not an exaggeration at all. Scorpio is a very suspicious sign and is also quite jealous. Surely, before you tell him in your own words that you have been unfaithful, Scorpio already knew it before hand. He is a person who trusts his intuition a lot and whenever something smells strange to him, he starts investigating to find the truth. And yes, it is true that Scorpio can be a bit obsessive at times, but if he sees that something is wrong, he is capable of doing anything to find out what is happening.

Scorpio admits that he is one of those who is able to see what you have on the phone and to see who you are talking to. And maybe it’s because he doesn’t trust you enough, but his motives will have.

When you cheat on Scorpio, you are tempting revenge. You are playing with a fire that is going to burn you yes or yes. When Scorpio discovers that you have been unfaithful to him, the battle begins. Scorpio will begin to bring out his most dangerous poison and his darkest side to give you what is yours. The perfect combination: his poisoned words and his revenge simmering. Getting out of this safe and sound will be difficult, very difficult. Scorpio warned you and made it clear that their confidence is not being played with. And you were so brave to play with her. Well, now you have to pay with it.

A Scorpio will NEVER forgive or forget something like this.

So the best thing you can do is run away and try to lose Scorpio from sight. Because when I see you again, even if years have passed, it is capable of hurting you again and biting you again with its most lethal venom. Being unfaithful to Scorpio is the worst decision you can make in your life ...

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