What happens when you are unfaithful to sagittarius?


If you are unfaithful to Sagittarius it is because you are very brave and, above all, because you have no shame. Being unfaithful to Sagittarius has its consequences ... Really, to betray the trust of someone like that is to fall very, very low. Sagittarius is a person who transmits an incredible good vibe, someone who makes life much easier. He does not think ill of anyone and his only purpose is to live life without worry. It is a sign of fire and yes, although it is very positive, it also has its great character that it brings out when it should be brought out. When he finds out that you have been unfaithful, the first thing he will do is tell you four things well said.

It will show you that you have zero respect for others and will repeat a thousand times that you cannot go through life that way. Sagittarius is strong above all and even if something like this hurts, it will never sink into misery.

The best thing about Sagi is that she knows that arguing with a person like you is not worth it. You do not want to surround yourself with people with evil in their blood, people who only seek to harm others. And look, you will have some luck because despite everything, Sagittarius will neither argue, nor fight, nor yell at you or think about their plan to get revenge. Enough that he has already wasted his time being with someone like you. Sagittarius will let Karma and fate take care of you. He does not want to spend more energy on you and much less when he knows that you have been able to betray him. And perhaps that indifference is the best revenge of Sagittarius.

What will hurt the most will be to see how he rebuilds his life when you still regret having screwed up so much. But that’s how life is and that’s how Sagittarius is. He gave you an opportunity and you didn’t know how to take advantage of it. He is not going to give you another one. He may even forgive you, because he does not want bad vibes with anyone. But do not think that forgiveness means something else ... Sagittarius once he turns the page does not go back. I walked past. Forever.

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