What happens when you are unfaithful to pisces?


When Pisces discovers that you have been unfaithful, they totally break inside. And break the heart of Pisces, it will be much more expensive than you imagine. It is to have very little empathy to get to do something like that to a person as sensitive as Pisces. He prefers that you leave him, he prefers that you end the relationship before doing something like that. For Pisces an infidelity means not having been up to par and before blaming you, they will blame themselves. At that moment when he finds out that you have been unfaithful, he will lock himself up and will not want to keep in touch with anyone for a couple of days.

Once he heals the most superficial wounds and he has recovered a little, he will come out again and this time he will go with the desire for war.

Once Pisces has assimilated everything you have done to him, he will have no problem asking you for an explanation. In knocking on your door and waiting until you give him a solution.

He won’t mind crying, kicking, yelling and telling you what he has to say to you. Once he has what he wants, he will lock himself up again. To continue crying without anyone seeing him, to take out all the pain that he has inside, to try to heal his wounds, to repent of all the love he gave you. At times like this, Pisces even go so far as to emotionally punish themselves. It reaches such a point that sad songs with its soundtrack.  Such a sensitive heart cannot bear such great pain. But when he finally takes the plunge, when he is finally fully cured, he brings out his more evil side. And it is that so much time locked up has helped him to think perfectly how he is going to carry out his plan of revenge.

While he was cured of that pain, he has been thinking little by little how to take revenge and how to make you suffer in the same way that Pisces has suffered. And get ready, because it won’t be easy at all. Once what is his is collected, Pisces will try to turn the page. It will delete you from all social networks, it will block you from WhatsApp so that it cannot receive any messages from you and it will try to get you out of its mind. He will try to pretend nothing has happened and even if it costs him, to rebuild his life.

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