What happens when you are unfaithful to gemini?


When you are unfaithful to Gemini, you have to know in advance that the drama will be assured for a good season. At that moment in which he finds out that there is another person, that you have been playing with his heart and that you have cheated on him, he gets a real fat thing. Everything becomes unpredictable, you don’t know where it is going to come out, what it is going to do or what is the first thing it is going to spill out of its mouth. Because yes, Gemini will grab you and tell you everything they have to say and more. He will not be comfortable until he empties all that anger that he keeps inside. And I assure you, in cases like this, Gemini’s rage does not come in small doses.

In moments like this, he will be able to say anything for his little mouth, and yes, his words can hurt, but they will never hurt as much as that damn infidelity that you committed.

And this will not stay that way. Do not think that once you release what is inside, everything will return to normal. No. Gemini wants to know your version, wants to know what was going through your head to commit that stupidity. He wants to listen to you, really, to see how empty your brain is and to realize that he has been with a stupid person.  After all, Geminis will have to make decisions by being carried away by what reason tells them and not their heart. Because yes, the Gemini heart can continue to feel a lot. And he knows that if he lets himself be carried away by his heart after all, he will end up giving you a chance again. But no, it will bring out your smarter side and totally agree with your mind. It’s not going to drop that low, sorry.

What Gemini tries to do to better cope with it and to try to completely forget all those feelings is to cut off any kind of contact he had with you. He will block you from all social networks, he will throw all your memories out the window, he will break and burn all the photos, etc ... He knows that an infidelity is not the same as a simple fight and he knows that no matter how hard you try, he will not trust again in you. An infidelity is a betrayal of the trust and love that Gemini had for you. And he knows that keeping in touch with you will only make things worse. Being unfaithful to Gemini can be very expensive.


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