What each sign value emotionally about their partner?


We can live with a person with whom we understand each other well when it comes to doing housework, but a couple is much more than that, it is complicity, it is compression, it is communication and endless things to keep the spark on. If we do not connect on a deeper level with the person we love, the relationship is most likely to be ruined. Next, we are going to see what each zodiac sign values emotionally about their partner ...


The ram wants a partner who commits as much as he or she does, and not because they are a saint or not a saint, but because when they truly fall in love, the happiness of their partner is as important as yours. If Aries notices that his partner corresponds to him in the same way, he will be the happiest being in the world, but if not, in the long run he will get tired and give up. This sign is a dedicated and understanding couple who will know how to put themselves in the place of the other and value exactly the same ...


Taurus is responsible and likes things well done in every way, so he can seem very serious when he is not known. However, in everyday life and in love, the bull of the zodiac is very close and smiling, and he wants a partner who is not afraid to show his vulnerability. Taurus wants to form a good tandem with his partner, he wants to team up with her to achieve everything that both of them set out to achieve and most likely, because of his perseverance, he will achieve it.


It is true that Gemini is like a bird, it needs to fly by itself, but if someone who likes it wants to do it with him or her, they will not refuse to do so. With regard to the emotional, the zodiac twins want a partner who cares about their feelings and asks them every day how they are and how they are. If your partner does not do it, he will not say it or blame it, unless he is complaining about absurd or nonsensical things, then he will show that, even if he has his failures, he needs exactly what they will never stop doing for love ...


The crab of the zodiac is very familiar and that is why they will take having a partner very seriously, for them this is not just anything. Cancer wants a partner who is capable of establishing a series of limits that are healthy for both of them, and that does not allow anyone, not even them, to jump them. Cancer wants to live in peace and harmony with their partner, and they will emotionally value that the person they love gives it to them ...


Although he does not always succeed, Leo tries to think before speaking or at least over the years he realizes that this is necessary in order to reach a common point or a consensus with someone, especially when it comes to the couple. The lion or lioness will emotionally value that their partner is able to communicate with respect and being empathetic, thinking before saying anything that could hurt both of them.


Virgo is critical by nature, but that does not mean that he has a bad character, much less, in fact, he has the tact to say what he thinks. The only thing that happens is that from his experience he tries to help the people he loves, and that is why he will value that his partner is able to receive criticism and learn from it. Virgo does not like those people to whom it seems that nothing can be said, he or she accepts and listens to other opinions and that is why this will be fundamental in the sentimental field.


That Libra does not like to get on badly with anyone is a fact, this sign wants to enjoy and live with the minimum possible problems, so why go through life looking for enemies? The scale tries to stay level to achieve the perfect balance, and that is why emotionally you will value that your partner shows empathy for others and is able to see the best in each person. Libra does not like conflicts at all, and he could not bear a person who generated them at his side ... He is very clear about it!


Scorpios find it difficult to show their deepest feelings, although they will be very passionate and affectionate or affectionate with their partner. Emotionally, what this sign requires is a person who actively tries to be the best possible and excel, in addition to taking care of himself. Scorpio places more importance on aesthetics than it seems, you will want to look your best for your partner and will expect exactly the same. The scorpion is attractive to the highest degree, and must also feel and maintain the attraction that it feels with its partner to maintain the spark.


It is true that sometimes Sagi screws up with her whims, but if she has something, it is that she knows how to take responsibility for her mistakes and apologize when necessary. The archer knows how to keep his pride when he makes a mistake and expects the same from the person he loves. The only way that this sign knows for things to go well in a relationship, even if problems arise as in all couples, is through communication.


What Capri values most emotionally from her partner is honesty, this sign does not tolerate lies even when the truth hurts. The goat of the zodiac is a person who seeks stability in his life, if he finds someone who cheats him, he will feel that he is reeling and he will not stand it. Capri is very sincere, yes, he knows how to say things with a certain tact so that they do not feel bad and it does not hurt, he wants the same from the person he loves, neither more nor less!


Aquarius is not one of those people who force themselves to change to please others, they would never do that and that is why what they value most emotionally in a couple is that they be authentic. If Aquarius tries to modify something, it is because he has realized some fault or error for himself, but never because he is influenced by anyone. This sign has its own personality and if something will keep it long-term in a relationship, it is that your partner also has it ...


Pisces is a hopeless romantic and also does not deny it. She wishes with all her might that the person she loves is too and gives her those moments of magic that she loves so much. The fish of the zodiac needs to connect with his partner on a deep level and will appreciate that he is able to let his imagination fly with him or her. Pisces is a born dreamer and will try to carry out everything that is imagined in the sentimental field, this sign is very dedicated and undoubtedly deserves the best ...

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