What each sign needs to feel loved?


In addition to the behaviors we learn throughout life, our characteristics largely determine the way we relate to each other on a sentimental level. Each person is unique, but through astrology and the date of birth we can know what each sign needs to feel loved ...


Aries doesn’t ask for too much, just a little praise every now and then, a daily dose of affirmation, and lots of encouragement and understanding when needed. Done, this is it! Of course, it is better for whoever is with the ram to comply with these kinds of sacred rules, because otherwise they will become impertinent and feel dissatisfied or dissatisfied. In return, Aries will bring a lot of positive things to your partner ...


Hugs, kisses and hugs… It’s that simple! This is what Taurus needs to feel loved and that is why the ideal person is the one who, apart from providing that stability that the bull needs, also shows his affection. The thing is simple, only that it must be with someone with similar characteristics. Taurus is one of the best couples in the zodiac and undoubtedly deserves all this and much more ...


To be comfortable with your Gemini partner, you only need a little emotion from time to time and that you accept him as he is, with his defects and virtues. Now, to feel truly loved what Gemini’s needs are other things, including commitment and a conciliatory attitude both in life and in the problems that may arise. If the person with this sign provides them with all this, they will not only be happy, but they will give their best, which is a lot.


Cancer is more romantic than he appears in front of his friends and family, but he loves that the person he loves has these kinds of gestures with him or her. The crab of the zodiac melts with a love letter, a song that has to do with your relationship or a simple I Love You, this can. Cancer is one of the signs that they enjoy the most with their partner, if this gives them stability and romantic moments, they will stay by their side forever.


Since Leo does not beat around the bush and likes to get straight to the point, to feel loved what he needs is attention, affection and admiration. The lion or the lioness of the zodiac could not be with someone whom they will not admire and not because it is superficial, but because they need to find that special and characteristic point that makes their partner different in front of their eyes. As a Leo is very attentive and affectionate, he expects exactly what he or she offers to his love… no more, no less!


Virgo could never in life be with a lazy and unmotivated person. This sign is fixed on willing, decisive people, and if not with the same organizational capacity unless it is similar. To feel loved Virgo also needs from time to time a dose of inspiration and validation, it is not necessary for them to be on top of him or her all day, but they do need to receive something that they are always ready at the right and necessary moment. to give…


To feel loved Libra needs to connect with his partner often through deep conversations and quality time. He is very independent, he does not need to be attached to the person with whom he shares his life 24 hours 7 days a week like a limpet, but he does expect and wants fluid and healthy communication. Apart from this, Libra requires moments of fun and romance, but above all of understanding and knowing how to be ...


Scorpio does not want a zero left by his side, he wants someone who gets wet, who makes him vibrate. To feel really loved or loved the zodiac Scorpio requires a lot of laughter, carry out some adventures as a couple and nights of passion in the early hours of the morning or to start the day. Scorpio has a mental and physical strength that not all signs have, so the ideal is to find a person at your level ...


Sagittarius is adventure and fun in its purest form and, although you need your partner to be there to have a good time, to feel loved it is essential that you provide support and recognition. The archer will be in good times like the most, but in bad times as well and that is why all he wants is for his partner to bring him the same, in addition to nights of passion and lust. Sagi is more sentimental and romantic than it seems, if this fails, everything will probably fail ...


In the privacy of his home Capri is the opposite of what he appears to be, he is very warm and loving with his partner and is always ready to tuck her in and support her. Now, what this sign needs to feel loved is physical contact, caresses, massages or intimate relationships, everything is valid when it comes to showing love without having to say a word. Capri also has its moments when it expresses everything it feels for the person it loves, and that is why it will not hurt if it receives the same from time to time.


In love Aquarius does not need a person all day on top of them telling him how much he loves him or how wonderful he is ... Not at all! It is enough that from time to time special details arise, both on your part and on that of your partner. This sign feels loved when the person who has stolen its heart gives it a surprise of any kind, either with a gift or with some help or favor that it needs at a certain time. If the relationship is stable, none of these little things will be missing to keep the spark on ...


Love can be shown in many ways, but in the case of Pisces, respect and balance are essential. Although he is a born dreamer or dreamer, the zodiac fish knows perfectly well that no relationship is a bed of roses and that it takes some effort and understanding to make it last. With Pisces you will not lack love or consideration, if you do not receive the same you will not feel loved enough, and what is more, you may end up leaving the relationship. Does well!

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