What does not let you advance according to your zodiac sign?


Are you feeling lost? Do you think everything you do is wrong? Do you think your life is stagnant? Everyone has been through something like this, at least once in their life and it is something truly uncomfortable and annoying. The worst of all is that most of the time we are not aware that we are the ones who do not let our lives progress. Take note because here you can discover what is slowing down your life according to your zodiac sign ...


Aries, losing interest too quickly in things is what prevents you from moving forward and causes you to stop short. When you start to see that something loses energy and emotion, you stagnate, it is inevitable, you cannot move on. You are a person who needs movement, you cannot be in a constant routine because that turns you off.

Aries, you love risk and you need adrenaline in your body, you know that is what makes you advance every day. You love strong emotions and you want to experience them every day of your life. Routine is sometimes unavoidable, but don’t let it hold you back. Live the Aries life and live it to tell.


Taurus, you are very afraid to face everything you do not know and that is precisely what does not allow you to move forward in life. You are a very confident person, but when you are forced to do new things, insecurity invades your body. You are very clear about what you want and what you don’t, that’s why you don’t like being insisted on doing things you don’t want to do.

The Taurus problem is that you should learn to live life as it comes to you. You do not advance because you prefer to stay as you are to face something new. To move forward, you will have no choice but to jump into the pool without thinking too much about the consequences.


Gemini, you know perfectly what it is that slows you down, that which prevents you from moving forward and is having to make decisions. You know that life is full of opportunities to grow, mature, and learn. You love that life gives you thousands of plans, thousands of things to do and see, it is what makes you feel alive. You love knowing the world you live in and absorbing new knowledge every day.

The problem is that this means that you cannot make a single decision, you want to cover everything and that becomes your worst nightmare. Wanting to take all possible opportunities means that in the end you do not take any and do not advance. To move forward you must reflect and prioritize what you really want to fight for.


Cancer, you are obsessed with achieving stability in your life and that is precisely what prevents you from moving forward. You don’t ask for too much, just emotional stability, a job and a life without many difficulties. Cancer is something everyone would like to have, but the problem is that you want it so badly that sometimes you choose the “right” thing instead of choosing what your heart is crying out for.

Cancer, to move forward you have to start thinking a little more about yourself instead of thinking so much about what others might think. Pay attention to your heart, you may be wrong, but yes, with time you will look back and you can say that at least you tried.


Leo, worrying too much about what others think of you does not help you, all it does is stop you. It is difficult to get used to the idea that it is difficult for you to move forward because you are a person with a lot of energy, a strong person who always wants to test himself.

Of course, although the opinions of others affect you, you are an independent person, you always go your own way and never stop. You have to learn not to pay too much attention to things that shouldn’t even matter to you. Leo, you love being the center of attention and that has its pros and cons and one of them is the opinions of others. If you want to advance, you must learn to live with them.


Virgo, you cannot be constantly questioning everything you do, that all it does is slow you down and not let you advance. You are a very perfectionist, you are always aware of every detail, you want everything to go as you had planned, that is, the best possible. It is a good thing, because that means that you strive for what matters to you and do the impossible to move forward, but it also has its bad side ...

When you have to make a decision, choose what to do, where to go or how to do something, the world comes to you. Inside you there is a little voice saying that you are not capable of doing anything that you set out to do. Virgo, you must put all insecurities aside and value everything you are worth once and for all.


Libra, you have the need to find absolute balance in everything around you and that is a good thing, but at the same time it is what does not allow you to move forward in your life. You have an incredible ability to handle conflicts in a peaceful way, you always try to ensure that your life had harmony and meaning. Do not be ashamed of it, it is a virtue that many people should have.

You have to stop that absurd fear of losing your balance and you should start to let yourself go. Libra, it is very good to be the best person in the world, but you also have to live your life and you have to experience things that you have never lived before, so stop thinking too much and let yourself go. Life is made to be lived Libra ...


Scorpio, you are always chasing what is impossible, what you cannot have and that is precisely what does not let you advance. You are always looking more at your defects than your own virtues, in everything that you lack and that others do. The problem you have is that you don’t realize that everyone envies you, that everyone wants to be like you.

You have a lot of personality, create mystery wherever you go and you have a heart that does not fit in your chest. But, you are self-destructive, you spend all your time trying to be otherwise when deep down you know that this is practically impossible. Scorpio, you eat the world without knowing it, so imagine if you value yourself as you really deserve.


Sagittarius, you have a lot of difficulty taking things seriously, especially when it is truly necessary. It is because of all this that he cannot advance. It is true that you are one of the most optimistic and adventurous people in the world, you love to live your life without worries and that is something for which people love to be by your side.

Life for you is made for fun, but Sagittarius, in life you must also find worries and things that need seriousness, so if you want to move forward you must learn to give importance to the things that have it. Do not overlook things and reflect on your actions because you may not be acting as you should. Sagi, life is to be lived and to have fun, yes, but it is also made to be responsible with it.


Capricorn, it is very good that you are demanding of yourself, but sometimes you push yourself too hard to be successful and that is precisely what prevents you from moving forward. You are a very persistent person and until you get what you want, don’t stop. You are always willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

The problem is that you demand more of yourself than you can give and you are not aware of it. It is very good to be a hard-working and ambitious person, but you have to know how to respect others and, above all, respect yourself. There is nothing wrong with wanting to fight for your dreams and wanting to make them come true at all costs, the problem is the pressure you exert on yourself that prevents you from moving forward ...


Aquarius, you have the strange mania of not complying with everything you say you are going to do and that is what stops you and does not let you advance. You have always been a very creative person, you have thousands of ideas in your head and that is a great virtue, but it also has its consequences: you cannot finish one thing when another has already occurred to you. You have a lot of potential, the problem is that sometimes because you have so many ideas in your head, you are not able to express them.

You are a dreamy person and you love living in your world, but you have that strange mania of preferring to live in a fantasy instead of fighting for those dreams to come true. Aquarius, in order to move forward you have to wake up and leave all that behind, you have a privileged mind, you have the key to achieve everything you set your mind to, so wake up and take action at once.


Pisces, believe it or not, that extreme sympathy and sensitivity that you have towards others is what prevents you from moving forward. You are a person who has a brutal connection with all the people you love. You can feel the pain and sorrow, but also the happiness and joy of all those people who are special to you. You care a lot about them and that is fine, but sometimes you abandon yourself to attend to others.

You are always aware of what happens to others and you do not stop to think for a second about how you are, what you need or what you want to achieve in life. Pisces, you must learn to prioritize in order to move forward, you must know how to put yourself ahead of others, it is now or never.

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