Dream about Someone - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

Dream about Someone - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

There are many unsolved mysteries in the dream world, but our curiosity always leads us to try to find an answer. Is it true that when you dream of someone it is because that person misses you? It is one of the most widespread rumors about dreams and we can intuit the truth. While it is true that anything is possible, what happens when you dream of someone who can’t stand you? Do you also dream of that person because he misses you? We are surprised and, therefore, we try to find the answers in our dream dictionary.

You are not likely to dream of the person who misses you

To be honest there is no scientific evidence that when you dream of someone it is because they miss you, or because they are thinking of you, or because they miss you. But the fact that there is no evidence does not mean that it is not possible. It is most tempting to think that if you have dreamed of the person you like, it is because that person feels the same way about you. It is also tempting to think that if you have dreamed of your ex it is because he or she is willing to apologize to you after a fight or a break up.

But dreams speak especially of emotions, of the emotions of the person who is dreaming. So the most likely thing is that if you dream of someone it is because you are thinking about that person , either because you miss them, or because you hate them, or because you identify with some aspect of their personality even if you don’t even realize it. As Sigmund Freud said, dreams are generally projections of your own desires, some desires that often are repressed.

And you know that when you hold back your emotions, when you hold back your desires, those desire becomes even stronger. But do not think that everything has a reasonable explanation in the dream world no matter how much you find a logical interpretation and that it adapts to your psychic and emotional world. Sometimes dreams are more than just dreams; and energies and emotional connections come into play that cannot be explained.

Dreaming of Someone

And yet… it is possible to dream of someone because they miss you

Let us insist so that you do not create too many expectations. It is not likely that if you dream of someone it is because they miss you and yet … it is possible. Everything is possible when the magic and mystery of dreams comes into play. Or have you not heard of dream communication? When two people dream the same thing, they say that it is fulfilled, but it is not true that it will be fulfilled. What is certain is that these people are having a shared dream because they share energies.

And you may have also heard of getting someone to dream of you, right?

It is possible, if you practice for a while, to appear in someone else’s dreams, you may actually appear in their dream. And if you can do it, that person can too. How do you know that it is not what is happening? How do you know that you have not dreamed of that person because in some way that person has foreseen it? In this case, it may be that he misses you, likes you, or wants to communicate with you in some way.

In the world of dreams there are still many phenomena to be explained. Like those lucid dreams  in which you can intervene and change characters or events at will, for example. And do not think that you have to have magical powers to do it, just be in a higher energy vibration than usual. That is what causes paranormal events to sometimes occur while we sleep.

So, if you want to think that you dream of someone because they miss you, it is possible that it is so. It is also possible that the dream is due to your own wishes. But since everything is possible here, there is nothing better than waking up believing that someone has been thinking about you all night. And who knows? If there is enough emotional connection between the two, it is very likely that the dream will eventually come true.

Other Meanings of Dreaming of someone

Dreaming of someone who kisses you

If the person you have dreamed of has kissed you or you have kissed them, it can have a positive meaning. However, you do not have to worry yourself thinking that you are developing romantic feelings towards your boss or your neighbor just because in a dream you have kissed him.

In reality, more than a passionate or romantic feeling, it can be related to the respect for the person you have dreamed of.

In case you kiss a person who already has a partner, it can mean that you want to have a relationship like the one he or she has or it can also mean that you feel jealous towards them.

If you kiss a friend, it may mean that you have good feelings for that person.

Dreaming of someone with whom you have an affair

If you have a romantic dream in which you are with another person, it may mean that you need more passion and love in your life. Maybe you long to live a love or romance yourself or you want the relationship you have with your partner to be more intense than it really is.

If in your dream, that person is your partner, several things are possible:

  • Since that person is your partner in real life and this relationship has its representation in the world of dreams, either because you are in a phase of exaltation of love and you cannot get it out of your head even in dreams or because something is missing from your relationship .
  • You have dreamed of someone with whom you want to have an intimate relationship. If you are in love with someone, it is common to dream of having a love relationship in the world of dreams.
  • That you dream of having a relationship with a stranger. This type of dream can mean that you are trying to explore lesser known parts of your personality.

Dreaming that you marry someone

Getting married in a dream can have many different explanations depending on what is happening in your life. A marriage is a symbol of union and change, therefore, it can indicate that you are reaching an important chapter in your life.

If you marry an ex-partner, it may mean that you have accepted a challenging part of your own past. It implies that you accept that the challenging part is now history and that you have learned from mistakes.

Dreaming of having an intimate relationship with a person

Dreams that involve intimacy can sometimes make us feel good, but we can also wake up upset, guilty, or ashamed of the person with whom we were intimate.

If you see the person you have dreamed of regularly, you might even feel strange looking into their eyes. This type of dream may suggest that you are not completely satisfied with your current relationship. It can also mean that you have a close relationship with that person or your subconscious may be telling you that there is a certain attraction, even if you want to deny it.

A dream in which you are intimate with several people at the same time could signify a feeling of detachment towards your current partner.

If you had intimate relationships in a public place, it is a detail to consider thoroughly, since you may be worried about what others think of your relationship.

If you dream that you are in the middle of a passionate act with someone, it could also symbolize a temptation that is in your life. Think about whether there is an urge that you feel you need to satisfy.

Dreaming that you fight with someone

If you have a fight in your dream, even if it is with your partner, it could indicate that you are actually disagreeing with yourself.

It can also indicate that there is a person in your social environment who causes you negativity and conflict. It is a nuisance, not only is it a nuisance in real life, but also sneaks into your dreams to continue nagging you further.

Dream of cheating on your partner

If you dream of cheating on your partner, it does not necessarily mean that you unconsciously want to cheat on him or her. You may feel guilty for having failed one of your life values in the dream. Are you not being true to yourself? Have you been an honest person lately?

When you dream of cheating with someone you know, you could be spending too much time and energy on that person.

What if you dream that your partner is cheating on you? Don’t be too scared, it doesn’t have to mean that they cheat on you in real life. It can mean that you feel like you are being too passive in your relationship or that you are not giving everything you should. You may be worried that you are not fully satisfying your partner.

It can also symbolize that you do not feel safe in your relationship. Perhaps you are afraid that they will abandon you or that they will cheat on you with another person.

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