What does it mean to love gemini?


If you love Gemini that means that you are an impulsive and highly motivated person, basically because that is what Gemini is, pure energy and what they need by their side is a person just like him / her. If you love him that means that you are willing to live in constant madness, surely you are one of the few people who believes that those crazy ideas that Gemini’s have come out well and he / she loves that, deep down you know what it is. It will be achieved because everything that is proposed ends up fulfilling it.

Loving Gemini means that you must understand that he has two very different sides.

 On the one hand, there is that happy and smiling side that makes everyone who is close to him / her happy, one side that makes them look passionate positivity, saying yes to everything and everyone and, on the other hand, there is that side deep, dark and emotional. That dark side has its origin in all their insecurities because, although Gemini’s seem to have unmatched security, in reality they are full of complexes and insecurities that do not allow them to live as he / she would like.

They have the need to feel accepted by everyone and that is why you will see them trying very hard to please others, a side that will make you fall in love, but that is not so good for their mental health. Loving Gemini means loving both sides of him / her, sooner or later you will realize that it is understanding that makes him / her so sensitive, compassionate and understanding.

Loving Gemini means valuing everything they do for you. 

You know that he tries very hard to see you happy because, oddly enough, Gemini’s are one of those people who put the happiness of their partner before their own. He / she will always be the one who takes you, the one who pushes you and helps you fulfill all your dreams, but it is important that you do not create a certain dependence on him / her, you also have to learn to live without it. You need their company and that is that sometimes, Gemini enters your heart with such intensity that it is almost impossible to get him out of there.

Loving Gemini means being able to talk about all things. With him / her, you will realize that it is much easier to take out everything that you have inside and you will discover and learn things that you have never heard of. He is a very intelligent and curious person and that makes him constantly researching interesting things that make him feel that he is alive.

Being by his side means living life and learning new things every day, he is a tireless person and he will never stop squeezing life to the fullest.

 For him / her, mental attraction is fundamental, he / she cares a lot about the things that happen in the world, he / she cares that you think about him / her at all hours and he / she will always care about all your tastes, he / she loves to share hobbies and know about the things you like to be able to surprise you every day of your life.

Loving Gemini means being able to be next to an honest, loyal and hard-working person. It is that type of people who do not stop dreaming and undertaking new projects. By his side, you will learn to be brave and to change the world with a lot of effort. Loving Gemini means staying by his side despite everything that may happen and showing that you have a true interest in the relationship you are building.

Loving Gemini means that you are brave, because not everyone dares to enter that complicated world in which they live.

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