Dreaming of Cockroaches - Dream Meaning And Interpretation


Have you ever imagined going through the experience of seeing yourself inside your own dream, desperately trying to get rid of an invasion of mad cockroaches that at all costs try to get into your car?

The person from this experience told of the feeling of instant disgust that he experienced when he encountered such cockroaches and the surprise that the unusual of the fact itself brought. In addition to all this, she was in an urgent need to face the situation and was forced to expel them immediately.

If we remove the veil that surrounds the symbolisms that every dream has, we can easily analyze that something very bad and disgusting was giving information about the threat of a destructive danger that could or would already be invading the dream protagonist’s self. The car as an aspect of this scenario is representing its shell, that is, the “psychological skin” that houses people’s interiors. The same meaning occurs most of the times when we dream of houses, clothes, costumes, masks, etc.

In this specific case, through his dream, the person can understand that something was not good at all in his life and the worst, that this something was invading his inner home in the threat of “bugging” the place to the point of damaging it. At the very least, the dream appears as an alert about imminent danger.

The question that remains in this specific case, as well as for anyone who dreams about cockroaches, is what could be happening so badly in their life that they need to be abruptly purged?

In this case, the dreamlike symbolism in the shape of cockroaches plays the role of offering tips warning the dreamer that in concrete life there is difficulty in discerning what truth is harmful to your interior space, to your integrity, to your soul.

Cockroaches have a marked feature, the fact that they eat debris, so if the person does not take care of their sacred spaces, their very existence, they will most likely be invaded by people and situations that will somehow “eat” -there”. As a result of this carelessness, illnesses and all malaise will eventually arrive. This happens to people when they do not read the signs and therefore do not take care of what is theirs.

Notice how our fantastic biological machine ends up choosing intelligent symbolic images so that we can help us solve our themes. Even though it is unconsciously, our brain is incredibly wise. Most of the time the dreamer does not even know what these symbols involve as a reality data, even when the mind captures to serve as guidance through dream images.

Read a part of a report that the Superinteressante magazine explains on this topic:

Look at that horror! Now imagine that our quantum brain, our guardian angel is warning in this dream that there is something very serious in the dreamer’s life and that he is at risk, if he is not already in that situation, of being eaten by the edges and worse, without realizing it.

This nightmare occurred with a patient of mine who was trying to get out of a toxic and highly harmful relationship for his life. When he was struck by the dream, he woke up in the middle of the night, perplexed, wanting to better understand the meaning of the dream, as well as the great malaise he was feeling. Then he slept again and found himself in a kind of continuation of the dream when he meets a nephew and asks him: Do you know what it means to dream about cockroaches? The boy, who had a cell phone in his hand, seeks the answer for it and appears with a writing on the screen in neon light saying: Cockroaches are going to eat your organs without you realizing that suddenly they will have nothing inside yourself and you will die without realizing how and what actually happened.

It was as if it were a dream within another, and the second functioned as a kind of self-explanatory video of the first. But the most interesting thing is that he checked how the cockroaches act and really, even without knowing such specifics, his superconscious knew and was able to warn him through this symbol / image (Scene / reference).

That is why dreams should be revered and that everything we can do to get in touch with them is of the order of the divine and will facilitate our existential paths, therefore our evolution.

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