What Does It Mean To Be Free In Christ?

What Does It Mean To Be Free In Christ?

Being free in Christ means that Jesus is the Lord of my life and that, thanks to his work in me, sin does not control my actions. That is the reality of those of us who are children of God!

From the moment we allow Jesus to reign in our lives, to fill us with his presence and transform us, he gives us the strength to obey him. With your help we say no to sin and yes to God’s will. We stop being slaves of sin and move on to live the full life that God longs for us . That is the wonderful freedom we have in him!

Free in Christ!

1. The truth sets us free

When we have a genuine experience with Jesus, there is a great desire in us to obey and be faithful to him. The saving touch of Jesus does not leave us the same! The desire is born in us to immerse ourselves in his Word and to seek his presence in prayer. We allow you to talk about your will for our lives and show us what you want to do in us.

It is in the midst of that search that he reveals more of his truth to our hearts. He shows us who we are in him: his beloved children, redeemed for his glory. God reveals to us his power over sin. He gives us clarity as to the salvation he has already achieved for us through his death on the cross and his resurrection, and shows us how we should live now that we are his children.

2. Slaves or free?

Jesus gives us complete freedom! When we receive him as savior, we stop being slaves of sin. We become free to overcome temptation and to live life within the purpose of God.

In Christ we have freedom, but we must decide  whether we will live as free children that reflect his image or if we will live as slaves. God gives us the strength not to give in to temptation and reminds us that with him we are more than conquerors. Focusing on God and living within his will diminishes in us the desire to do what we please and increases the desire to please him.

3. Life with Jesus

The law brings severe punishment, but life with Jesus frees us from condemnation. No matter how great the mistakes made in the past, when God with his divine grace decides to forgive he grants a full forgiveness.

God offers us a new beginning full of abundant life. He gives us hope for eternity with him and also our life here acquires a new meaning thanks to the presence of the Holy Spirit. Our goal is to live for the glory of God and take his presence and love wherever we go.

4. Attention to the fruit!

Here we see the difference between a slave life of sin and one dedicated to the service of God dominated by him and his justice. It is easy to know who or what governs our lives: we should only look at the fruit. Sin brings fruit that shames and leads to spiritual death. However, the fruit of justice or of a life placed at the service of God is a fruit full of holiness and leads to eternal life.

A holy life is a secluded one for God who seeks to please him at all times. We need to be filled with the Holy Spirit! This is how we recognize the great gift of eternal life that God has given us. Living full of the Spirit we persevere in obedience to the Word of God . It is by his grace that we have passed from death to life in Christ Jesus and our lives cannot remain the same before this reality.

5. Firm in our freedom

In Jesus we have freedom from both the yoke of sin and having to comply with all the Old Testament law. There is nothing we can do to gain God’s forgiveness no matter how good we appear to be in the eyes of others. We are saved by the grace of God (Ephesians 2: 8-9) and only the sacrifice of Christ brings us true freedom.

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Once we are transformed by the love and redemptive power of God the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in us. He gives us the necessary help to live in obedience to God and to stand firm. We do not obey him for fear or for legalism but for love, because the desire of our heart is to live according to his will.

6. The Spirit-filled life

We have been called to be free, but that does not give us permission to live as we want by giving free rein to our passions and desires (Galatians 5: 13-26). There is a great contrast between the works of the flesh and the life full of the Spirit: our choice must always be to act according to the life full of the Spirit. God must be the one who directs all our actions, feelings and words. With him we have the strength we need at all times to not give in to sin.

The freedom we have in Christ is one that brings us spiritual well-being and helps us in our relationship with others. Let the Spirit do his transforming work in us and live free from the power of sin for the glory and honor of our Savior.

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