What Does It Feel Like When an Aries Lets You Go?


If Aries has to let you go, it is going to be difficult for them. It is difficult for Aries to take that step, it is difficult for him to decide on what he is going to do. Therefore, he will act in a subtle way that few people will notice. Little by little, you will notice that the love that Aries gave you is no longer the same. There are no longer those so passionate kisses, nor those unexpected love messages nor so many moments where you were so happy. Day by day, you will see how Aries is distancing itself. As Aries is letting you go little by little subtly to that point where you are already aware of it. This is what you will feel when Aries is letting you go ...

For Aries it is very difficult to say goodbye to you. He suffers a lot in farewells and, above all, in this type of farewell ...

Many times, by not going through that moment, he prefers to save it and leave delicately. And he suffers so much because he knows that he has loved you a lot and that now he no longer feels anything for you. It hurts him to see how love has disappeared ... He will give you clues along the way. He is going to leave you little breadcrumbs to mark which route is going to be. But when Aries has realized that he has totally lost you and that there is no turning back, he will come back to say goodbye to you in the best possible way.

If things have ended well, you will always have Aries as a friend and even if love has disappeared, you know that friendship will always be there. That Aries will always be by your side for whatever you need, even if you don’t talk so much anymore and the relationship is more distant.  If you notice that nothing is as before, it is because Aries is letting you go.

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