What Does It Feel Like When an Aquarius Lets You Go?


Aquarius is a person who always fights for his freedom, he will do whatever it takes to be a free and unattached person. And many times when you are in a relationship it is very difficult to be 100% free. Therefore, if Aquarius has decided that it is best to let you go, it is because he has finally realized that this is the best option for himself and for his future.

In spite of everything, Aquarius is someone who when he feels, he really feels and that is why it is difficult for him to make a decision for the fear of hurting someone.
That is why it is going to be difficult for him to make the decision to let you go. It will take days and days of reflection, wondering if the best thing to do is to quit or keep trying ..

But if he finally lets you go, it is because he has realized that it is for the best. That it is no longer worth trying something that had no end. Aquarius may still have feelings for you, but this decision is the best for both of you. For Aquarius, the relationship no longer contributes anything in his life, because he needs someone who is different and who does not get tired of being so.

Aquarius has realized that it was no longer worth fighting for the impossible. And it is that you should not let boredom come to Aquarius life, because that has been the cause that has let you go. The future is very important for Aquarius, because it will be there where you can fulfill all your dreams and do whatever you want to do. And if he doesn’t see a future with you, he’s going to let you go.

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