What Does It Feel Like When a Virgo Lets You Go?


Knowing Virgo, we know that he is a somewhat stubborn and somewhat controlling person. But when he needs to end a relationship and he needs to let you go, he is going to throw all his worries away. Those concerns that are so characteristic of Virgo ... But it is that he can never shut up what he feels and if he begins to feel that something is not going the way it has to go or that your relationship simply no longer makes any sense, he will take a risk and tell you everything. feel and everything that worries you. You feel bad at that moment when you feel that a small part of your feelings is hidden, it is beyond your strength. This is what happens when Virgo lets you go ...

For Virgo sincerity is very important in all aspects. He also likes to know what you feel in those moments and worries about understanding you.
In these cases Virgo does take risks, but taking risks does not mean that before he has not spent hours and hours thinking about what is the best and what is the worst. Because knowing Virgo, surely he has spent days wondering if what he is going to do is okay. You need to have everything under control before jumping into the pool. But everything has a limit and it is possible that Virgo has already tired of the relationship having no solution and has decided that it is best to face problems head on. It will tell you everything there is and what there is not. Possibly he will hit you with the door in your face, but not before having made things very clear to you.
Do not expect Virgo to return repentant, because when he makes the decision, there is no one to take his reason. Virgo is going to let you go and then he is not going to look back. What done is done. There is no reason to regret it.

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