What Does It Feel Like When a Taurus Lets You Go?


Not all relationships have a happy ending and there are many times that it is better to end than to continue in a bad way. And when that time comes with Taurus , it’s not going to be an easy time for either of you. If Taurus lets you go, you may notice that he seems to be pissed off or upset about something. But it is that Taurus is like that, many times he gets angry even with himself when things do not end up going well. He is very angry that in the end it all ends. You may think they are angry with you, but they are not. This is what happens when Taurus lets you go ...

Most of the time, Taurus gets angry with himself and pays it with others. You need to be aware of it, because if not, everything can end up worse than it is.

But, although it seems that he is very angry, Taurus when he gets home, he will realize all reality. It is there when you open your eyes and understand what has happened. He knows that nothing can ever be the same again and that it is impossible to recover what he has lost. It is at this moment that the tears come to light. That ice so cold that it seemed to be in his anger, now with the heat of his feelings has broken into tears. Because in reality, you will seldom see a Taurus cry in public. Before he prefers to be angry and pissed off than cry, because he does not like to show his weakness.

When Taurus lets you go, he may pretend that he is not suffering, but surely he is doing it more than you and more than anyone else. Never underestimate the feelings of Taurus, because they are stronger than anyone could imagine.

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