What Does It Feel Like When a Libra Lets You Go?


Not everything is rosy in Libra’s life. While on the outside you may appear to be happy and at peace with yourself, on the inside you may be fighting thick and thin to control your feelings. Therefore, when your relationship ends or simply Libra is no longer comfortable and needs to let you go, it will not be an easy time for Libra. Because it takes a lot for him to work and understand his feelings. His head is going a thousand an hour when his heart has not even begun to feel. This is what happens when Libra lets you go ...

Libra has a hard time deciding and before that her head turns a thousand times, makes endless lists of pros and cons and makes sure something is wrong a thousand times. This process is very long and can take several days to decide, where the wait will be endless.

But once Libra has it all clear or at least seems to have it, he is going to let you go and that’s it. Always from respect and admiration.

Libra doesn’t like conflict either. He does not like that another person suffers or is offended by something that Libra has been able to do. That is why he is going to let you go in a very peaceful way, so peaceful that not even you will believe what is happening. Once this hard time is over, Libra will have lifted a great burden. Now that everything is settled, it is Libra’s time.

You are going to focus on moving your way forward, without looking back. No regrets and no grudges. Now the only thing that matters is your future. You’re going to focus on getting on your way to the best of your ability and doing all those things that you haven’t done yet.

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