What Does It Feel Like When a Leo Lets You Go?


If the relationship has come to an end and it is Leo who feels he must take the step, he will let you go. But it will be slow, not overnight. Everyone already knows that Leo is a person who has great strength and great power to control his feelings. When love ends, Leo will let you go very little by little. It may be so slow and so slow that even you are not aware of Leo’s intentions. But even if you don’t realize it, Leo knows very well what he’s doing and has the upper hand. This is what happens when Leo lets you go ...

It will always be Leo who is in charge of all this, especially if he is the one who has decided that the relationship ends. He is going to let you go little by little, yes, but the moment he realizes that there is nothing more to do, he is going to put on the handbrake and say ‘this is where we have come’.

Leo is not one of those people who sneakily sneaks out the back door without explanation. Leo always faces his problems and wants to leave all the ends well tied. A Leo things are clear as water. For this reason, he will never hold grudges, because he solves the problems he has right then and there. Yes, at first it may seem that Leo does not want to know anything about the situation, but he is simply testing you to see what you feel.

When he is in this situation, for a moment he will have to put his ego aside and even if it seems like not, he will also take your well-being and your heart very seriously. Leo is not a heartbreaker, that is clear. He does not want anyone to suffer and less because of him. Therefore, he will always try to do things in the best possible way.


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