What Does It Feel Like When a Capricorn Lets You Go?


Just as Capricorn is sincere for many things, it will also be sincere for others. If you know Capricorn well, you will know that he is a very direct person. In addition, when he has something clear, he goes for it head-on and without anyone stopping him. Therefore, if Capricorn feels that your relationship is over, he will let you go and will tell you the first moment he begins to feel that things are not the way they used to be. And he will make it all very clear to you. It may seem like this is not the best way to end things, but then you will appreciate being so sincere from the beginning. Because it is much better to be like that, than to find out from other people what is happening.

Capricorn does not like contemplations or hide what he feels. Everything is clear, whether you like it or not. Capricorn is not going to change.

And once I let you go, do not wait for Capricorn to regret or regret having lost you, because it will not be like that. At least in the beginning. Capricorn will go out as much as it takes to celebrate that he is free again. He is going to dance in style to celebrate his return to singleness. Now that you have let go of your troubles and worries, it is a good time to celebrate. But it is clear that it will also have its moments of downturn.

When he nods his head and realizes everything, he will start to miss everything that he had with you. That does not mean that I want to get back with you, but that letting you go has not been easy at all and all breakups take time for everything to return to normal.

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