Dream of Ex-Boyfriend, Ex-Husband, or Ex-Love - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

Dream of Ex-Boyfriend, Ex-Husband, or Ex-Love - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

For some, this is more of a nightmare. However dreams involving former mates or former friends is very common. Dreaming about ex, by the way, is so common that, in fact, we are more likely to dream about an ex than the current one. There are many triggers that can form this dream. Throughout the article, we will decipher the meaning of dreaming of ex from a few different perspectives.

Much of the dream involving ex has its origin in a scar that has not yet been closed, that is, the separation occurred a short time ago and that there has not yet been room to assimilate and digest this separation. In this case, the dream can be viewed from a spiritual perspective, because the breakup of an affective relationship does not end distance . This means that even though it is separate at the spiritual level there is still a reciprocal connection of energy. And it is precisely this connection that causes them to be thinking so much about each other, which consequently facilitates the dream or even a true spiritual encounter while asleep.

Spiritual Dream Meaning of Ex-Boyfriend, Ex-Husband, or Ex-Love

In other cases, the separation took place so long ago that the dream puzzled you, since you didn’t even remember your ex anymore. In this case, the dream could also be grounded in some spiritual stimulus that you captured during the dream. It may even be the ex’s own thinking directed at you.

As such, it is very common for dreams of ex to originate in a persistent connection of thoughts. However, this is not always so, because it is possible that the dream occurs due to a set of emotional and psychological issues.

So read on and find out in more detail what it means to dream about ex.

Dream about ex-boyfriend

Sometimes seeing an ex-boyfriend in the dream can arouse intense reactions, but sometimes you may remain indifferent to the vision in the dream. If the dream was about an ex-boyfriend that you don’t even think about anymore, because you’ve already gotten over the breakup, it’s likely that the dream was formed because you were relating to someone who has some of your ex’s qualities . It is very common for these small details to trigger certain triggers in the unconscious that eventually express themselves in dreams, even if you do not notice such a trigger being triggered.

Dream about ex-husband

When the dream is about someone you have married, you need to consider the scenario and context in which the dream unfolded. The affinity and bonding of people who got married is very strong, especially when children were raised in this relationship. That is why the dream may be signaling something. It is difficult to give adequate symbolism to this dream since it is the details that make the difference.
But it is advisable to reflect on the content of the dream yourself and on the latest events of your life, looking for possible links that may clarify the reason for the dream.

Dream about ex-love

The ex-love category can involve friends, lovers, relatives, family members, boyfriends, and everything in between. Anyone who has been remarkable in your life can manifest in this kind of dream. Your symbolism is usually associated with the sublime and respectful feeling you have for this person . The dream is pure reflection of your own love for this person.

Dream about ex mother-in-law

According to the dream literature, dreaming of mother-in-law, whether former or current, often comes from sexual energy. This does not mean that you have an attraction or desire for your mother-in-law (it may even be), but that you are going through a period of intense news about eroticism, sensuality and sexuality. The dream demonstrates a period of much learning and maturity in relation to sexuality.

As a result, her mother-in-law is a symbolic way for her unconscious to express concern and need for caution during this period to avoid unnecessary hassle or unwanted pregnancy. So enjoy this phase with wisdom, clarity and protection.

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