What do you do to get over an ex according to your sign?


When feelings remain, it is very difficult to get our ex out of our heads, even if the relationship was not the healthiest, it makes a world for us to continue as if nothing had happened. The thing is not so easy when it comes to love, however, sometimes you have to let go and accept the loss and the grief to go through. Next, we are going to see what you do when you cannot get your ex out of your mind according to your sign, there are always alternatives ... which one do you choose?


Aries you are an earthquake in every way, both in the way you act and in the way you feel. When you break a relationship in which there are still feelings, it is because you can’t take it anymore, because there is some attitude in the person you love that exceeds you. No matter how hard you try, if the thing does not flow in the end you give up, the issue is that when you see yourself alone you succumb to temptation and in the end you end up sending him a message. After the relationship is broken, you may have the occasional encounter with your ex, but if they do not approach positions, you will end up staying firm in your decision ...


As much as Taurus hurts, if you know that this relationship is not going to bring you anything good, you stay in your place with a strength that is to be admired. When you can’t get your ex out of your mind, you watch romantic comedies and cry because despite the bad things you miss that person. Now, you will not go beyond that because you know deep down that this is just a bad stage that you must overcome, no one dies of love for anyone and you except Taurus ...


Oh, Gemini’s, when your relationship breaks down, two things can happen, either you plunge deep into your sadness or you run amok like a loose horse. In this sense there is no intermediate point, you go to one or the other head end. If you get carried away by melancholy, you have a really bad time, and if you decide to put on a dating website to occupy your head and your time, you don’t feel good at all either. You are true to your feelings, but you feel lost and you need to find yourself again to start from scratch ...


If you are the one who is forced or forced to break up with your relationship, no matter how much it hurts, even if you have a bad time, inside you know that it is for the better and that it is a matter of time before you heal Cancer. Now, if it is your partner who leaves you obsessed thinking about whether there is a third person, if there is any way to win back or win back, etc. When you can’t get your ex out of your mind, you stalk even their social networks, and that you are not from spying on anyone, but heartbreak hurts Cancer and more when you did not expect it. Time and patience!


When you are in love or in love it is very difficult for you to leave a relationship, unless you find out about some disloyalty, there is no longer valid forgiveness and you are capable of wiping out all of Leo. However, when it is you who are left, it is difficult for you to raise your head what is not written, but as always you rise from your ashes like the phoenix you appear on the scene more radiant than ever. Most likely, you will publish the odd photo in which you look good so that your ex can see what he has missed, which is a lot ...


When you can’t get your ex out of your Virgo mind, you drive your friends crazy who will be amazed at how much you are capable of expressing in that state. You need to vent and lean on your loved ones, who give you strength and advice to stand firm if that person with whom you have shared your life is not the right one for you. Deep down you know that this stage will pass and that everything will be for the best, it is a matter of time Virgo, you have always been very constant in your purposes and when it comes to forgetting your ex you will not be less ...


Libra when you really love someone and you have a hard time assimilating a life without that person, you do things that you may later regret, for example, showing up somewhere you know you could meet your ex. When you get to this point, if the approach you expect does not take place, not only do you feel worse, but you realize that these types of encounters do not help you in any way to overcome it. The good thing is that as soon as you become aware, you disappear from the picture and start from scratch ...


There is nothing like a good drunk to get through the penalties and most likely that is the first thing you do when you want to get your ex out of your head. Of course, you don’t always get it Scorpio, since at the end of the night you end up lamenting your own pain and the next day better not to mention it. Each one assumes the breaks as best they can, the good thing is that in your case after the initial period you decide to rebuild your life and you go for it with that strength and determination that characterizes you.


When you break up with a relationship, all the fire that is in you comes out Sagi and, although you have a bad time because you are not made of stone, you do not want to get carried away by a depressive state, if perhaps a few days alone, but not much more. You have an impressive ability to see the positive side of everything that happens and if you stay single you are faced with a wide range of possibilities. To get your ex out of your mind, you try to connect with other people who may seem interesting to you, if the breakup has no turning back, why waste time ... You do well Sagi!


If you are already a tireless worker, when you are living a much more Capri heartbreak. You know from experience that when you are bad, it is best to occupy your mind with those things that take you away from the world and from problems. Those who do not know you well think that maybe you have no feelings, but your family and your true friends know that this is your way of not thinking so much about your ex, inside you are made shit, but you channel it as you can.


If the reason for the breakup is a great disappointment to get your ex out of your head, you read old texts that he sent you and you look at photos with all your memories. It is not that you are an Aquarius masochist because, although it hurts, while you do it you realize that everything you experienced was a lie and that you deserve someone who truly loves you and respects you. You will have to go through a period of mourning that will hurt a lot even if you do not show it, time heals everything and you will come out strengthened Aquarius ...


Pisces, to get your ex out of your mind, you surround yourself with people who you know really love you and who support you so much. If you still love the one who was or who was your partner, it is most likely that you are literally destroyed, you do not accept the breakup and it is difficult for you to accept that the continuity of the relationship is not possible. In these moments or you throw away your loved ones or you sink, thank goodness that you harbor great friends who in the end make you cheer up and that without wanting or wanting to start again ...

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