What do the signs do in a long distance relationship?


Long-distance relationships have their advantages and disadvantages, you miss your partner, but the moments you live with him or her are the most intense. If already in a relationship in which you live or spend time together, you have to take care of the couple so that the spark is maintained, in a long distance relationship much more. Let’s see what the zodiac signs do to achieve this when their partner is away ...


If Aries is in a long-distance relationship, he becomes more romantic than he already is, he will send songs to his partner or surprise him with a text full of love and tenderness. The worst thing that the ram carries in this sense is the intimate part and that is why when it meets the person it loves, it will not want to get out of bed for hours. The passion of Aries is always noticeable, but when he is far from his love much more ...


Taurus will not be able to be in a long-distance relationship because when he loves he will need to be next to that person or as close as possible, but while he is, he shows what he feels openly. The bull of the zodiac will send messages of good morning and good night to his love and during the wait he will imagine everything he wants to do by his side. When Taurus connects with someone for real, the kilometers that take him away from the loved one do not matter because he will fight so that soon they can be together ...


When Gemini’s enter into a long-distance relationship, it is because they are sure they have found the ideal complement and that is why they will share everything they do with their partner. If he sees a movie, he will tell his love so that if he wants to see it and they can comment on it later, it is so important for this sign that there is a physical as well as an intellectual spark. Gemini’s aspires to a relationship in which there is trust wherever they are because this is the basis of any healthy couple ...


Although Cancer seeks stability above all else and likes things well done within, there is a cuddly and sensitive child who is capable of showing their feelings in many ways. When the zodiac crab has a long distance relationship, it is able to surprise its partner with very sweet gifts, such as a box full of all kinds of goodies accompanied by a card. Cancer is very romantic and more so when he misses who occupies his little heart ...


The lion or lioness of the zodiac will maintain how much contact your partner requires when they are at a distance, it is more likely one or another morning to send him a good morning image accompanied by a phrase with which he shows his feelings. Leo is not naughty at all, he does not like to harass or be harassed, but he knows that it is more difficult to take care of the loved one when he is not around and he will want to show how much he loves them in some way.


Virgo does not take distance at all well because, although it does not depend on anyone to be happy, when it is in love or in love it will move to the end of the world in order to be with the loved one. As this is not always possible, he will not settle for a few daily messages and will plan the occasional virtual date to keep the spark burning. It is not the same to see your partner in a picture or hear her on the phone than to see her while talking, she melts, but she loves it ...


Libra will keep his partner well informed about what he does when he is not around her. You will send selfies, as well as other photos of the places you go or the food you are about to try, for this sign there is no better way to have a fluid connection. Libra is very romantic too and from time to time they will make the odd declaration of love so that they do not miss the emotion they enjoy so much.


Scorpio in love can endure a long-distance relationship for a while, but for this he will need to be in direct contact with the person he loves, as well as risque conversations. It is nothing new that Scorpio is pure eroticism and you will need to maintain the spark in this regard to feel motivated and endure the wait. He has a fame that does not correspond to him, the scorpion in love is very faithful, what happens is that if he cannot be intimately with his partner, he will at least need incentives from time to time.


Sagittarius is very cuddly and when he has his partner far away much more, he will send him messages as a reminder about how much he loves him and how much he misses her. If for work reasons they cannot live in the same city or the same community will run away to see it whenever possible, Sagi needs contact and not because he is going to do anything wrong, but because there is nothing better than skin to skin with the person with which he is in love or in love.


Capri will spend the entire duration of her long-distance relationship making plans with her partner for the future, generating excitement and keeping him alive or alive. When this sign falls in love, it seeks stability above all things because it knows that it is the only way for something to last and become strong. While you are away from your love, Capri will need to imagine with him or her what your life together will be like and gradually achieve everything that you both set out to reach a common goal.


Aquarius does not fall in love just like that, but when it happens he fights against all odds. If you have a long-distance relationship, you will do as much as possible to see your partner whenever you can, this sign does not make it difficult to move if it is for love. Aquarius will also want his partner to come to see him, so take the opportunity to introduce him or introduce him to his family and friends. For the water carrier of the zodiac it is important that the person they love is involved with their people, that they have an open mind and that they be as independent as he or she is ...


The zodiac fish will take care of its partner whether he is near or far. Pisces is a retailer by nature, as well as very romantic and will occasionally send a surprise gift to their partner when they are in a long-distance relationship. Now, those details will not be anything, for that the important dates are already there. Most likely, Pisces will opt for a teddy bear, a bouquet of flowers, a basket full of sweets or something very sweet that, accompanied by a letter, will fill the day with excitement for the person who has stolen her heart. So cute!

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