What Do Other Signs Think About Virgo?


Virgo is a quite mysterious sign for many, it has very particular manias, it is very stubborn when it comes to doing its things and it is very difficult for you to convince it of anything. It is not an easy sign, and many are aware of it, but at the same time, that is one of its main attractions, with Virgo you never know anything. What do the other Virgo signs think? Here it is.


Aries thinks that Virgo is someone nice, someone, with whom perhaps they could have, at the very least, a friendship. But Virgo does not give many opportunities to those who are very daring and sometimes he feels that he puts many barriers, but at the same time, he sees how he smiles when from time to time he blurts out some of his Arian nonsense. Aries knows that deep down they would love to get carried away a little more.


Taurus thinks that Virgo has everything that can be expected of a person. There is a good feeling but he could also give many proofs of his way of being sincere, loyal, and responsible. If Virgo wants, Taurus will always be there!


Geminis think that Virgo goes through life with demands and an inflexibility that they do not like at all. Oh and that he is also too serious about everything, too calculating, and too little spontaneous. And see that he respects his intelligence a lot but he often gets a little bored. Of course, he is passionate when the two of them go hand in hand to talk about any topic, they can spend hours there, the humor is sometimes, very similar,


Cancer thinks of Virgo that it is easy to feel comfortable around him, because of what he gives and listens, because of his good sense. He forgives his criticisms but he would like you to understand that they hurt. Although he could control them just as he controls so many other things! But Virgo is not good at biting his tongue ...


Leo thinks that Virgo spends a bit analyzing, controlling, criticizing ... Very reserved yes, but when he takes out the artillery, he does not leave a puppet ahead! Better to put a little distance in between sometimes than to be there and end up splashed with all his rage one day when he got up on his left foot.


Virgo thinks Virgo is a treasure as well, as it sounds. Virgo achieves everything he sets his mind to, Virgo has moved heaven and earth to be closer to what he wants, Virgo is a fighter, he is a perfectionist in his own way, he does things well, always trying to put an order, a logic, and above all, good heart.


Libra thinks that Virgo is good people but when it comes to working they prefer more like-minded signs. He takes everything so seriously and has to plan things so much! Come on, it is not good to convey so much concern, and less to someone so indecisive about everything ...


Scorpio thinks that Virgo has a sense of humor that is a treasure. He likes the way life cheers him up. In general, he considers you a good-for-all and trustworthy person. The only thing that sometimes, he does not know very well how to treat him, he is not sure how to take him, because he is never clear how he will respond.


Sagittarius thinks that Virgo has some things that he does not like at all, such as how strict he is with everything. But none of them prevent her from getting along with him. What’s more, when there is a difference, they always end up being solved as if by magic!


Capricorn thinks that Virgo helps him to be better. It is recognized a lot in him but Virgo deep down, sees him softer, more flexible even. Be that as it may, sometimes there is such a good connection that not even words are necessary. 


Aquarius thinks that Virgo lacks a bit of flexibility in his life. It is organized a lot, it does not take a step without it being planned and it never goes off the beaten path. And so it is impossible to do anything! You should let yourself be carried away more by the most natural things in life, be more spontaneous ... Oh, but it’s impossible ...


Pisces thinks that Virgo has his feet on the ground too well, but he likes that. When you live in the clouds, like Pisces, you prefer people you can trust, with a good bogeyman, and who don’t look for trouble. And Virgo is one of those. I would only change that harshness with which he sometimes lets go of things, like that for free ... It happens.

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