What Do Other Signs Think About Sagittarius?


Now that we have to talk about Sagittarius, let’s see how the other signs judge the archer, who like the rest of the fire signs, has (almost always) high self-esteem. And that, for many, produces both envy and rejection. But with Sagittarius, it’s easy to forget about your flaws (that you have them, like everyone else). There are more who remain with his sincerity and with how fighter he is. With the optimism and enthusiasm that he has and he always ends up infecting everyone around him. What do the other Sagittarius signs think? Here it is.


Aries thinks that Sagittarius has many ballots to be his adventure partner, sentimental or as a work partner. She is as brave as she is independent. Take action and don’t need to wait for anyone to pass you by. A jewel the archer! The danger comes when he gets angry, he cannot understand how he is never able to come to his senses.


Taurus thinks that Sagittarius might like him but when he thinks about how reckless he is, or how little he likes to commit, he doesn’t want to give him a chance.


Gemini thinks that Sagittarius is misunderstood, but because of people who do not know how to value their way and lifestyle. Too bad that there are people who see archers cheerful and in a good mood and therefore think that they do not take anything seriously!


Cancer thinks that Sagittarius listens little, does not empathize with the ills of others and talks a lot about himself. But over time, it becomes appreciated. As it is necessary to know him better to judge him fairly.


Leo thinks that Sagittarius has a lot of value as a partner or coworker. But even so, he still prefers it to have a romantic relationship. Long or short, it doesn’t matter. Come on, if you don’t care! And it is that he throws the fire that he gives off, although he knows that it can be dangerous, he cannot avoid it.


Virgo thinks that with Sagittarius he always sets more expectations than he should. He gets carried away by some chemistry on an intellectual level, but when it comes down to it… Sagittarius chooses different people to make quick and fun plans! What a pity!


Libra thinks that Sagittarius is a kind of soul mate when it comes to enjoying the same things. And you have to control yourself so you don’t feel something else. As if he sensed that Sagittarius is there but that he could run away at any moment. And that scares him.


Scorpio thinks Sagittarius looks more interesting than it is. It always comes and seduces you in some way. But when it comes to delving into something, the archer does not touch any fiber. But later, if Sagi starts to walk away, she kind of misses him. Something weird.


Sagittarius likes his sign, very, very much, why are we going to fool ourselves, he has lip service, he is charming, and very sincere when he should be, he has a gift, well, many, yes, he loves it, period.


Capricorn thinks that Sagittarius is a smart one who gains power and positions in life through his lip and his relationships. Believe that you succeed but not by working hard. He has that “something” with which he captivates everyone, but he will not do it with Capricorn. Of course, he likes his sincerity and his intelligence.


Aquarius thinks that Sagittarius is perfect to have a romantic relationship: it does not ask for time or space and gives you everything you need. And when it comes to spending time together, there is quality and quantity to spare. Although why deny it, perhaps sometimes it goes beyond “free.”


Pisces thinks that Sagittarius can hurt him if he embarks on some sentimental adventure with him. Although it tends to fall into his arms over and over again. It will have to be burned: Sagittarius is a free spirit.

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