What Do Other Signs Think About Pisces?


It is now our turn to subject the little fish to the opinion of the rest of the Zodiac. What do you think they will say? Well, a bit of everything, as is normal. And there could be included the continuous allusions to the sensitive and emotional character of Pisces. But more than a criticism, it is an “I find it difficult to understand him.” That always happens to all people: that what we do not control, produces rejection. But Pisces is not to blame. As complements, very clear and unanimous, his loyalty, his charm, and his dedication to others that is priceless. What do the other signs of Pisces think? Here it is.


Aries likes Pisces, but as someone to hang out with, too many don’t, because it saturates them. He rebels many times but does not mark any path. You try to understand him but you always end up thinking of the famous phrase: that water puts out the fire! And Aries is fire and does not want to be put out by anyone.


Taurus thinks that Pisces has a sensitive and creative point that makes them very good company. Apart from that, he is not aggressive and he is very respectful. Falling in love with Pisces is easy, Taurus thinks, and getting hooked… too!


Gemini thinks that Pisces is someone who makes it very easy for you to relate to him. But because he gets carried away and is not one of those who faces. Although if you need him, he is always there. That must be recognized!


Cancer thinks that Pisces has a charming way of being. You like the way you go through life and how you control yourself when you are depressed, in such a way that hardly anyone notices. If he got more involved in everything, that would be perfect! They share an element (water) and that makes any relationship more bearable.


Leo thinks that Pisces likes him as soon as he meets him. Someone so sweet, so calm, and with that dreamy look, has a very good entrance. Although when you know him a little more, you miss a little more realism or toughness. More blood to face things.


Virgo thinks Pisces is very good at chemistry. But when it comes to establishing a deeper relationship, any initiative always ends up failing. Sometimes he is clear about what it is, other times he has no idea. Sometimes it seems to him that he knows him perfectly and other times he has no idea who is in front of him ... Pisces confuses him.


Libra thinks that Pisces has an ideal romantic side, which is contagious and makes you dreamy. The problem with Pisces is that when things don’t flow, it isolates itself, or maybe you don’t even know where it is, and it doesn’t want to talk, and Libra doesn’t understand anything ...


Scorpio thinks that Pisces is one of those signs that allow you to relax, a little more than others. His way of giving himself is so sincere that you don’t need to be on your guard. So it’s nice to be with someone. But despite everything, despite giving him the vote of confidence, Scorpio thinks that something hides, that not everything can be so perfect.


Sagittarius thinks that Pisces is very curious to him and believes that it is something reciprocal. The first contacts usually lead to the intention of getting to know each other better. Then sometimes whatever relationship works, and sometimes it doesn’t. The only thing that would change him would be that intense way of feeling everything. Sagittarius sometimes has to cut off saying something so as not to hurt the little fish.


Capricorn thinks that Pisces reaches deeper than other signs. Maybe you like that you don’t do anything to like yourself. It is someone who is there, accompanies, and gives you everything you ask for. He prefers not to think about his chaos now. Another better day.


Aquarius thinks that Pisces has a personality that drowns him out a bit. It must be due to suspicion of his sensitivity and his intense emotional part. But it is that he does not understand the things he thinks and look at him thinking! Anyway, if you have to relate to Pisces, it is done but it does not convince you. Altogether.


Pisces thinks that their sign can seem somewhat sad and weak seen from the outside. But it is the first impression. What I would never do is what other signs do: not dig deeper to get to know them better. They would be in for a big surprise!

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