What Do Other Signs Think About Libra?


Libra is a sign that is characterized by being charming, but of course, not everyone can say the same, it is worth that many times it seems that they are not clear about what they want, it is worth that they often give you one of lime and another of sand, but deep down, evil, it has very little, on the contrary, it goes to what is fair, to what is fair for everyone. What do the other Libra signs think? Here it is.


Aries thinks that Libra is the perfect friend, optimistic and charming as anyone, so personable and so easy to deal with… and to dominate! He thinks that he is so indecisive that it is very easy to anticipate everything with him and take him where you want. It is not very problematic, and why to deny it, they “know” how to carry.


Taurus thinks that Libra has a way of being and enjoying life that he likes very much. It coincides with his taste for harmony and the beauty of things. To have something very, very deep, he would think about it. He finds it a bit lazy sometimes!


Gemini thinks that Libra has many qualities to live any story with him. To be friends, to work together, to spend a lifetime if necessary, for whatever! It is very clear to him when Libra appears, he knows that he wants him to stay by his side! How it comes out afterward, everything is another matter ...


Cancer thinks Libra is too shallow for their liking. And that need to talk about everything but not delve into anything is disappointing. He wants him to be more determined about everything, to get wetter, he feels that he is not doing it enough, and that makes him doubt Libra.


Leo thinks that Libra is someone ideal to show off by his side on a social level. He knows how to stand, speak and shut up if necessary. Things as they are, he is charming when he wants and they do not get along at all, although Leo believes that sometimes, Libra is capable of overshadowing him, of dazzling him too much, and he does not like that so much ...


Virgo thinks Libra likes social life too much to focus on anyone. And yes, it is too long in the clouds. When you have to get serious, you get, but after a while, you have forgotten and skipped the topic. Not to mention how much he likes to contradict him… How complicated it is!


Libra likes to be Libra, they like it because they know that it is necessary in the world, necessary for many people because they know that with them, things will always be done well because they will open the eyes of those who are blind because they will tell truths like fists because they will fight against those who believe themselves more than anyone. Because Libra is justice.


Scorpio sees Libra as a delicate person who can be respected. He knows that he has even more potential than he shows, just as he knows that he has much more genius than he brings to light, Libra can be an exceptional being but you have to discover it little by little because it surprises, and a lot.


Sagittarius thinks they could fit Libra into any of their travel plans or bags. You are so eager and willing to try anything, as a good attitude to enjoy everything when the time comes or not to complain about what you like least.


Capricorn thinks that Libra does not finish convincing him, that that he is so sociable and so talkative, not to say that he shows those charms to anyone, it gets on his nerves. Being clear brings everything to light, it sees him as too unwise with things.


Aquarius thinks Libra could be addictive. It does not matter whether it is talking about anything, working together, or as a couple. Aquarius always thinks it is a safe value in his life. One of those people who don’t mind giving in and skipping schemes!


Pisces thinks that Libra is too aware of the superficial, the social life to the limit, and the posture like being able to contribute something to him. But at the same time, deep conversations can be wonderful, and well, you also have to thank him when he defends you from an attack from other stronger people. Yes and no…

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