What Do Other Signs Think About Gemini?


Let’s talk about Gemini, that sign that is one day here and another there, that seems to have nothing clear in life, that the same thing eats you with kisses one day and passes from you to the next, that hates you or loves you with the same intensity ... That air sign is so misunderstood at times ... Well now it’s up to the other signs to give their point of view about Gemini, it is possible that many are wrong because Gemini is much more than what you see, but of course, sometimes they don’t even bother to learn more ... What do the other Gemini signs think? Here it is.


Aries thinks that Gemini is perfect to be able to organize any plan. But the best thing about this sign has to do with its coconut. You can talk to him about anything and he catches everything on the fly. You could fall in love with your intelligence!


Taurus thinks that Gemini is to be admired when moving socially. That conversation and that gift of people make him very valuable as a friend or to make work contacts. As a couple, you would have to think about being with someone so moved.


Geminis think that with Geminis you never get bored, that you are the reed, that nothing ties you down, that you are intelligent, shrewd, spontaneous, and yes, even if you have a thousand and one headaches every day you get out of them, sooner or later. Geminis is a great game and whoever does not know how to see it loses it. 


Cancer thinks that Geminis are very stimulating and fun for their lows. It always encourages him, indirectly, of course. Because when he asks for understanding or involvement, he finds it a bit insensitive. It is hard but hey, at least, it does not leave him thrown to the minimum as others do ...


Leo thinks of Gemini that he puts up with the guy very well with people who criticize him. It does not enter the cloth or is offended. He keeps the good and what is less good he passes through the lining. You just need to not be so foolish if the matter is more serious than it seems!


Virgo thinks Gemini is so funny that it makes any sketchy business more bearable. He even laughs at himself. And even when big problems arise, it makes it easier for them to be solved by being very open to dialogue. A pleasure! But of course, as long as you like the subject. As soon as he gets bored, he leaves, and that puzzles Virgo, a lot. He does not understand those momentary disappearances ...


Libra thinks that Gemini is the perfect complement to their life. To your social, work, or family life. And as for the sentimental, if he focused a little ... It does not matter, he loves him too. He is someone you look up to, he is someone you trust, who will help you get up when you need it most. At the end of the day, they share an element, and that unites.


Scorpio thinks that Gemini is worthy of admiration, he has something deliciously charming, but he also knows that he hides things, like him, and that makes him want to know more ... He knows that no plan would resist them if they both got together but the fact is also dangerous that it is so unstable, Scorpio does not trust at all, yes but no ...


Sagittarius thinks that Gemini comes off naturally. He has no taboo subjects that he does not want to talk about. Yes, Gemini is very attracted to him. Although if he delved a little deeper, he believes that perhaps he would encounter more chaos than usual. Nobody is perfect! 


Capricorn thinks that Gemini likes him a lot for being spontaneous and brave. Although to your liking, it may be reckless and risky. It could be useful as a friend and even for a sporadic relationship, but he is afraid of committing further with someone who always flies from here to there and seems to have no fixed course.


Aquarius thinks that Gemini has a very stimulating head, to converse, to accept creative ideas, to listen. But it bothers him a little when he starts to comment on others with that hatred that he sometimes has inside, which yes, that is probably for some reason, but when he gets into that evil, it burdens him.


Pisces thinks of Gemini that their eternal adolescence is good for fun moments but that whatever it takes to be mature, fails. And the worst thing is that if you blame him, he has an attitude of pasta that makes you feel really bad. Pisces wants Gemini to be guided a little by their advice, even if it is a little but it is hopelessly self-sufficient for everything.

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