What Do Other Signs Think About Cancer?


It is time to talk about Cancer, it is up to the other signs to express what is their opinion of the crab, will it be good? Will it be bad? Well, there is everything as expected. In many things, Cancer will agree, and in many others not, there are signs that are still not very clear about the difference between being sensitive and being weak in the face of life ... Anyway ... What do the other signs of Cancer think? Here it is.


Aries thinks Cancer is too sensitive. He is a little desperate that he wastes so much time mulling over feelings and emotions. Perhaps you lack blood and nerve when it comes to coping with problems. But they are good people!


Taurus thinks that Cancer gives himself a lot to others and that this is worthy of admiration. He likes people like that, but if he could I would tell him to think a little more about himself. But only to smack those who don’t value your emotional generosity!


Gemini thinks that Cancer has a way of being that is the opposite of theirs. Too deep, too slow, too critical of what he doesn’t like, too jealous… too much of everything he doesn’t like. But at the same time, when he meets him, he attracts him, and he begins to think that maybe he can even be fun ... A mess.


Cancer thinks that Cancer can be very demoralizing and yes, that he thinks too much and eats his head with things that maybe he should not, that he often remembers the past and that he should not give so much for others. But come on, taking away some things, he loves his sign, and he knows that if he limps in something, he will give double otherwise. It is clear to him.


Leo thinks that Cancer is a bit disconcerting when he hides what he feels or his true personality. And when you stick your head out, you go over to the dark side and it’s all depth and feeling and possessiveness! He feels that with Cancer there is no middle ground, or it is everything, or it is nothing ... Sometimes he gets confused ...


Virgo thinks that Cancer is capable of giving everything in his work (although sometimes he does it regularly and late) but without neglecting his private life. Sometimes he sees him as someone who is too “blown up”, he thinks his feet never touch the ground, and that makes him funny, what he can’t bear are his lamentations or when he hits rock bottom, it’s so frustrating not being able to get him out of there ...!


Libra thinks that Cancer is loved for its sensitivity, for its tenderness, and for giving security. But you don’t really know what to do when Cancer has lows. He wants to be there and help him, but without knowing how. Although being, will be, because Cancer is also there, you always need him.


Scorpio thinks that Cancer hides as much as he does for fear of being hurt. It’s called protecting yourself and empathizing with Cancer in the same cause. He just thinks he has a little touchiness left over. Then it would be perfect to be able to express anything to him. They are united by their element, and they get along and have many things in common, although when he has such deep lows over and over again, Scorpio gets tired a lot.


Sagittarius thinks that Cancer will have a great reputation for always being there when you need it, for being a good friend, and for helping those who work by their side. But from his own experience, he could not assure anything. Cancer never gives you the same opportunity as others, or at least it feels like it. The little crab marks too many distances!


Capricorn thinks Cancer should better control how their mood swings affect them. But other than that, he likes Cancer for just about everything. He has a point of ambition but without doing crazy things that he finds outstanding! Also, Cancer knows how to take you, and that’s good because not everyone has that gift.


Aquarius thinks that Cancer is too conventional and that he is too messy with his emotional world. Ugh, what a complicated life! But how good is crab when it gets intuitive! They could spend hours talking about many subjects, but for a while. Aquarius feels that Cancer robs him of too much energy.


Pisces thinks Cancer deserves a fan club. How not to recognize in the sensitive crab the almost a blood brother? Of course, when he gets angry and isolates himself, he hurts and dislodges. It will be time to escape ... and forgive him when he returns quickly.

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