What did you learn from your last relationship?


They say that there is no evil that for good does not come, when we suffer for love or our relationship ends it seems that the world is going to end, however, over time things look differently. A breakup does not have to be a failure, on the contrary, many times we discover things about ourselves that help us to learn for the future. Let’s see what you discovered about yourself in your last relationship (or the penultimate; x) according to your sign ...


Aries you are a persistent and constant person, however, patience is not your strong suit, much less when it comes to love. You are not satisfied with Aries crumbs and, although you can take time to see how things are going, if your partner does not value you as you deserve, you will get tired and will send everything to hell. In your last relationship you learned this among many other things, you do not like to walk from flower to flower and when you fall in love you give everything, but if your partner is crazy and does not take care of you, you will not stay forever.


Although you like things well done and when forming a relationship you prefer to opt for a person as committed to the relationship and as serious as you Taurus, at the moment of truth if there is no spark and laughter you get bored. As the years go by and life experiences you discover that you need someone more playful and less serious. You know how to enjoy life without having to go wrong on the Taurus path, but for this you must maintain your state of mind well, so a person without an adventurous spirit will never compensate you.


Gemini surely in your last relationship you discovered that you cannot stay next to someone who wants to do the same thing every day without any emotion. Pouf, what’s up! That kills you, you need to change your scene often, be in contact with nature and with people, and ultimately live, live intensely. This is why somehow you are looking for your soul mate, you do not expect him to think exactly the same as you, only to complement you and accompany you ...


You probably came out so burned or burned out of your last relationship that you learned something very important about yourself Cancer, and that is that you can’t let your big heart get in the way of your common sense. If you know that the other person hurts you and does not change what hurts you so much, why keep giving opportunities? Separating is not easy, much less for you, but your well-being is above everything, even the love you may feel.


There is a biblical verse that comes to your head and it says like this… “By their works you will know them”, you are a very analytical person, Leo, with yourself and with others and that is why when you end a relationship you need to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. When this happens you realize that there are many words and looks that did not agree with reality, and that what really counts are the facts, the works. You have discovered that in order for someone to convince you to go out with him or her you first have to see a series of things ...


From time to time in your Virgo life you can see yourself in a cold relationship and without much meaning, the reason for reaching this is the capacities and qualities that you admire in a person, who is organized, who is passionate, etc. However, in your last relationship you discovered the importance of a strong emotional connection, if that is not there, chances are you will not last too long. The next time you like someone you will value this and if it does not come up you will not start anything. Lesson learned!


Libra in your last relationship you discovered that you get attached too easily, what’s more, you tend to idealize people who really are not how you see them. You realize this a little late when the attachment is enough to leave everything just like that. It is in these Libra moments when you are able to tolerate things that you later become aware of, thank goodness that the balance always leans from one side to the other favoring yourself, because in the end you hope and wish a life in peace and harmony.


Oops Scorpio, how important is trust right? For you it is the first and most fundamental of the basic rules in a relationship, without it it is impossible for things to work. You have realized this in your last relationship and that is why when someone knocks on the door of your little heart again, you will try to give yourself more time to get to know the other person in depth. Only when you trust fully will you surrender as you know how to do it ...


Sagi, Sagi ... what a mania of yours! When you are not satisfied with your relationship, you are like the story of the wolf, there are so many times that you threaten to leave everything and so many times that you are able to return with your ears down that in the end they do not take you seriously. In your last relationship you discovered that sometimes it is best to leave and not stay to fix things, at least like this, if after a while you come back they will have valued and respected you.


Have you ever been in an unsatisfying relationship just out of Capri habit. It is particularly difficult for you to start over by yourself or alone and at first you have a bad time, but later you realize a lot of things, including this. You have discovered that you cannot stay with someone just because of attachment, realizing this is very important and somehow guarantees you will not make the same mistake again. Look on the bright side, Capri will help you ...


It is difficult for you to commit to Aquarius until you are clear about who is the right person for you, however, when you do, you trust your happiness so much in your partner that when you are disappointed, no matter how small the mistake, you feel dissatisfied with the world in general. In your last relationship you discovered that you cannot place so much trust or depend so much emotionally on that person, and much less if the relationship is not reciprocal as you would like ...


In your last relationship you discovered that you cannot be with someone who likes to like you so much, it is a gratuitous suffering that you can perfectly save Pisces and you know it. You are not possessive or possessive at all, but it hurts a lot when your partner flirts with other people and makes you feel very small. As much as you feel if he does not respect you in this sense there is nothing to do, you can have a very open mind, but when you really want these things, you will not tolerate them ...

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