What Defines Virgo's Self Love?


Virgo is aware of his self-love, he is aware of when he loses it when he regains it ... The problem is that he is such a perfectionist that sometimes he forgets how much he is worth for himself, without having to prove anything to anyone. Virgo’s self-love is tough, strong, and firm. Throughout their life, he will be able to put many things aside for pride because he knows that they do not do him good or that they will end up doing him a lot of damage. Virgo has the power to anticipate the majority of critical situations but does not always anticipate ... You need to reaffirm yourself many times to feel good, it will be essential that you feel useful, with enough capacity to solve the problems that may arise.

Virgo’s self-esteem is linked to the success he can achieve on an intellectual level.

And when, for whatever reasons, he does not succeed, his self-esteem remains at minus zero, something that on the other hand he does not deserve to feel. Virgo is a super feisty person in all aspects of his life. In addition, he does not throw in the towel at the first change and when he focuses on a goal, he goes for it until the end. However, when he does everything right (or at least tries) and there is no appreciation anywhere, he becomes frustrated. If you keep trying to get others to see how well you do before looking for another path, your self-esteem will wear thin. Sometimes it is very difficult to convince the rest of something but Virgo is so stubborn in this that he believes that he will be able to do it and that it will not affect him. Although the truth is that it does affect you.

Virgo is not made of stone and if you have someone who is constantly telling you that they are wrong, or that they do not do things well, or that they are worth nothing, their morale begins to be undermined. Possibly the best thing would be to leave there as soon as possible, but Virgo is so stubborn that he wants to show that what they say is not like that. And the longer you stay there, the more your self-esteem suffers. Virgo always believes that they can take anything. And hold many, but not all.

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