What Defines Virgo' Love Life?


If we asked Virgo what his love life is like, he would not be in a hurry to answer us. Because even if it has life in this sense, Virgo would have to analyze the answer well and would have to see what nuances to highlight in everything in this topic. Let’s see if we, doing it our way, give you an objective and practical vision (very much to the taste of how Virgo approaches his life). Virgos are not seducers to use. They conquer almost without hardly putting interest in it, without curring it as it says. This is the sentimental life of Virgo:

Who wants something with them is because he has been struck by a mixture of simplicity, seriousness, delicacy and good manners. Being a bit distant, Virgos give the impression of being hard bones to crack and that’s always a good principle to grab someone’s attention. As the procession progresses it will become clear that Virgo is selective, and therefore the real stakeholders will have even more desire to be chosen. At this stage Virgo can become someone irresistible, and all because he is taking the right steps and showing some interest, and a lot of disinterest.

Once the mutual conquest progresses, we are interested in knowing what Virgo feels.

Well, Virgo is showing more and more what he feels, without leaving everything in sight at once, of course. And being very patient to wait to have what he wants. That they won’t be great passions, because that’s not what he wants. Virgo wants to control in some way and knows that in love it is easy to lose the roles if it is not controlled. What you should never forget with Virgo is that first of all it is a practical sign and in your life, whatever you do, you will think, feel and act in a practical way. Above anything else.

Slowed down by his shyness and advancing with small techniques of seduction Virgo becomes more and more involved, also because the other person is overcoming the analysis that Virgo makes of him (just as he does everything). How does it look like we’re talking about some laboratory experiment? Perhaps, but it is to exaggerate the steps that Virgo is taking until it is delivered completely.

In the most intimate contacts, Virgo takes the same time to kiss as in everything. You need to feel very safe. First it starts with shy kisses, then they are making them more and more intimate and the next ones will be already those who raise the temperature, it is clear. When it comes to making love, the same. A lot of planning and little spontaneity, but Virgo works like that. And if you let him do it his way, everything goes well and everyone ends up happy. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

That Virgo is not very romantic or very passionate does not mean that he does not manage to be a good lover.

Quite the opposite. He learns with all his desire, investigates if the G-points of the universe are needed, and sets to the task as if he were doing a university thesis. And Virgo always tends to get outstanding. Well, in this too.

When Virgo falls in love he makes it clear and acts accordingly, although he will not do it with great declarations of love or romantic. And it fulfills what it feels, it is coherent. He doesn’t promise anything he can’t deliver and everything he promises he delivers. When it comes to making the commitment official, Virgo’s discretion marks the issue. Everything will be known and known in due course. And if something is celebrated it will be simple, very practical, with details, with the right people ...

During his stable relationships Virgo is loyal, tender and knows how to pamper his partner. Her way of loving is not noisy but it is deep, she respects the other and she is honest and sincere.

What about infidelity? To Chinese it may sound like this to Virgo because of his moral principles. Come on, he is not usually unfaithful. What if it is your partner who is unfaithful to you? It could be. Virgo is very critical and perfectionist and that usually wears down the one in front and takes him to look for new airs outside the home. But if that person endures that Virgo well, it is not easy for him to feel like looking for other people because he will have a lot in return since Virgo is quite complete as a couple.

If love ends, even if it is not by horns, we will see a more unknown part of Virgo.

The breakups leave Virgo with the feeling that he dies a little with the relationship. He does not know how to easily express what he feels which takes him longer to hit bottom and to climb back up. Thus, Virgo will spend some time wrapped in fears and doubts. At some point you will want to get out of the dark zone and make an analysis of the situation to take urgent action.

Virgo, after each breakup, knows that he has a time of being alone. For the doubts that remain, for feeling skeptical that it will go well if you try again, and above all, because you know a demanding person who will not be easy to give entry to any type of person.

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