What Defines Taurus's Self Love?


Taurus self-love seems unstoppable. If someone meets Taurus for the first time, they see in him/her a kind of insurmountable pride, as if nothing and no one were capable of making him / her fall. Of course, he has the stamina for a million things but he is also very clear that there are things that he does not pass through. But there is a problem, with Taurus everything is “apparently”, everything is “outside”, everything is “outside”. Inside there is a complicated world to understand ...

On the outside it looks hard as a stone, on the inside, it can be buttery many times. On the outside he has an enviable ego and self-esteem, on the inside, he is much more fragile than he seems. So, Taurus’s self-esteem is strong yes, but also vulnerable. And if someone who can manipulate you comes across your life, you have to be very careful, because your self-love will take a back seat ...

Taurus is more sensitive than the world thinks and despite this external toughness, he idealizes everything a lot.

Of course, he will also be able to cut something off his feet, long before the misfortune occurs. The problem is that many times, this misfortune never comes. And out of fear, Taurus breaks with everything before.

Taurus puts the people he loves and loves before himself. And that is a big disadvantage. Anyone who knows this can manipulate him and how he takes advantage of this ... Taurus remains empty. But whatever happens, Taurus self-love will always be there. Even if someone very close to you wants to hurt you. Yes, it will fall, like all but it will never disappear. You just have to reawaken it with another new illusion. And it won’t be difficult.

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