What Defines Taurus' Love Life?


How we are doing in conquest, in love or in heartbreak is something that always interests. Sharing sensations, experiences, or feelings with someone feeds the body, soul, mind, and even the big toe. They made us like this. We need someone to give us life. Let’s see now how Taurus carries that vital need. But we already anticipate that he lives it intensely. This is the love life of Taurus:

Both Taurus men and women are moved by sensuality. They have it, they give it, and they also look for it. People who receive the sensuality of bullfighting, so happy. For Taurus it is more difficult to find people as sensual as them, but come on, they try. As they are detail-oriented and patient, it is difficult that sooner or later they do not get what they want in the sexual or sentimental field. Against you they have some soon that if it appears soon (worth the redundancy) can scare away more than one.

The Taurus man is super protective that fits the dreams of many girls.

If it is also strong, very physical characteristic of this sign, then it is easy to see many happy women or men wrapped under their huge pectoral. Taurus’ first contacts when he likes someone and is reciprocated are usually sensual, carnal and sexual. And almost all of them occur in numerous sporadic relationships. Taurus gets there by instinct and the most striking thing is that it is all very physical. In addition to talking about feelings that are big words and Taurus in this matter takes his time to move forward.

In Taurus sex it is mostly sensual. As sensual are their kisses, their caresses, their orgasms, their hugs and EVERYTHING. Here I catch you and here I kill you does not go at all with Taurus. Although he gets excited easily, he knows how to wait for the right time, the right place and even the right person. Because even excited, Taurus does not do crazy things that later will not satisfy him at all, and that includes that certain people do not convince him at all. And it stays as it is. Nor for a long time, eye. Taurus needs sex and if it doesn’t, it tenses up. Take note of the interested parties.

With Taurus sex he also manages to express himself better than with words. With sex, it settles disagreements. And with sex, as he knows that he is quite good at it and that he is a good lover, Taurus reaffirms his self-esteem and tries to get his partner to never stop wishing for him.

In the sentimental life of Taurus there are therefore many small stories that Taurus seeks because he wants affection and passion and because he needs to cover very pronounced affective needs.

When true love comes, it will not be Taurus who declares himself as soon as he notices it. He does not like changes, or anticipating anything without being very sure. That inside you feel it does not mean that you release it at the first change. But when the moment of truth comes, Taurus declares itself. Without frills, with few words and making it clear what he feels. Taurus does not understand those people who adorn everything so much.

If love involves greater commitments, such as making it official, living together, or getting married, Taurus will choose simple ways to do it. Big parties and excessive demonstrations he doesn’t like very much. He prefers the simple, full of details and with the elementary people of his life.

Heartbreak comes to Taurus wrapped in a feeling of betrayal. And all because Taurus takes time to take steps, but when he does he feels that he is forever. He surrenders to death and expects the same. And if your partner doesn’t give you what you expect, you feel betrayed.

Taurus is usually faithful. He is fully convinced and in response to the love, he feels given to him.

So when you don’t feel that, horns can appear. Of those who put Taurus the reason he gives is that he looks for what he does not have at home. Of those who put him or her, without comment. Taurus can’t stand wearing the horns. He has enough with those he was born and of whom he is proud. Of the others, not by a long shot. You can roll fat.

The best thing for Taurus when everything is wrong is to be honest and try to get back whatever it is if possible. If not, give it up and say goodbye. But this is not what he usually does. Taurus is one of those who do not accept breakups well, even if they no longer love that person. He is able to fight until he leaves his skin in it. Relationships give him security and stability and he is reluctant to leave them. When there is no choice clear that he throws in the towel. Not before asking for what belongs to him. And back to start.

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