What Defines Scorpio's Self Love?


Scorpio’s self-love is strong, very strong, but it has to be said, there is a moment when you can forget that it is there, that you have it. And this is the moment when Scorpio falls in love. It will happen a few times in life. Scorpio may become fond of many people throughout his time in the world, but it is true that he will come to love very few.

The problem is if you find a bad person here. Scorpio has self-love that will never allow him to fall to the depths but it is true that he can be very damaged. The best thing is that, when he has suffered a strong stick and it seems that there is no hope for him to get up, Scorpio arrives and shows everyone that he is reborn as the Phoenix. Although it is touched. Or even if it is dusty. Or even if it seems that he will not be able to with life.

If Scorpios are treated badly and are constantly trying to manipulate them and make them believe that he/she has the problem, in the end, they may “believe it a little bit”.

But it is true that you have to pressure him a lot so that in the end he begins to fall and doubt. A work of constant pounding, one day, another day, another day ... The problem is that he meets someone who has all that patience so that in the end he breaks (out of envy, because he wants to cut his wings because he wants to see him subjected …).

Scorpio’s self-love can “fade” at some points in his life. In fact, even the Scorpio himself has on occasion reprimanded himself/herself for having let things pass that were inadmissible. Perhaps even if you look back you have seen that in many moments you should not have allowed some limits to be exceeded.

Scorpio is very intense with everything and when you play in that league, it is difficult for strong things not to happen to you. The best thing is that, whatever it is, your self-esteem is always there, even when it seems like it’s gone.

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