What Defines Scorpio' Love Life?


Intense, that’s what you can imagine. Like the other two signs of Water, being so emotional leads Scorpio to seek love and need it as the air it breathes. And all this gives us many clues to make a summary of what this sentimental life is like, which in addition to intense we anticipate that it is decorated by passion, sex, games and sensitivity. There is no need to make any distinction between Scorpio men and women because both are equally magnetic, mysterious, playful and with a hypnotic look that is usually their best weapon of seduction. Without knowing why, all those who look at Scorpio feel something immediate. They do not know that if Scorpio wants, they will fall into the arms of a passion that can end up devouring them. For good or for bad, but let’s go in parts. This is the sentimental life of Scorpio:

Somehow Scorpio always gets to have what he wants in matters of desire or love. If he wants sex he has sex, if he wants something for a while he has it, if it is for five moments, he has it, and if he wants to fall in love, he also gets it. Falling in love controls him more but because he doesn’t want to fall in love. Or you want to control who. Or he wants to control the consequences. Be that as it may, Scorpio will manage the relationship from the beginning. And it will do so in such a way that everything will have a touch of mystery, of much intrigue, of secrecy.

The other person won’t know anything about the relationship that Scorpio doesn’t want to come to light.

And when will Scorpio want to open up even a little more? When you feel like you’ve found someone important. And that happens when feelings are more intense than normal, they have no limits. When Scorpio wants to almost possess the other person.

Before then Scorpio will have wanted to kiss and have sex with the person he likes. You don’t need to be deeply in love. Desire can and likes to meet people through sex. Scorpio kisses are pure passion. He gives them or steals them but he has them when he wants. And he knows that kissing robs the soul of whoever he wants. Their kisses are intense, they are wild and do not measure the consequences.

Scorpio does not like to air his life too much so when he falls in love and wants to formalize the relationship in some way he does it discreetly. Nor does it give importance to big parties and pompous demonstrations. They always prefer intimacy in everything.

In a stable relationship, so to call it, Scorpio will always have the power, in every way.

He has a lot of temperament and the occasional attack of jealousy. They are possessive and need a passionate relationship with very deep feelings on a daily basis. They show their love with the looks, with the caresses. They don’t like words to name what they feel. They believe that words are vulgar next to what can be expressed through looks or skin.

All this way of leading a relationship means that in the sentimental life of Scorpio the desire always remains very high, because that is what Scorpio likes.

Infidelity can reach Scorpio’s romantic relationship before heartbreak.

Scorpio is very sexual and as such can be unfaithful for not knowing how to say a good time of good sex outside the home. But come on, if your partner gives you what you need, Scorpio controls being unfaithful, until death. If he does, what is certain is that he will never be caught because he is an expert in hiding his life, his thoughts, his actions and his feelings and emotions.

If it’s Scorpio who gets the horns, it’s over. It is treason and against that there is no room for anything else. Although they take time to let go of the discovery, in their head they will already be plotting revenge. Sometimes above their feelings. But the impulse is stronger than any kind of practical reflection. And many times they act impulsively and passionately and carry something that could have been fixed.

Apart from horns, a relationship with Scorpio can be spoiled if they overwhelm their partner with their abuse of power. That they have it, but sometimes they don’t know how to put limits on it. Likewise, from the beginning, Scorpio imposes its way of being. He is as he is and does not admit to being asked to change. But of course, what seemed good to the other person at first, when the wear and tear of the relationship comes, he is no longer so in agreement with that scorpion so arrogant.

When the breakup comes, Scorpio faces it with his head held high. He is very proud to show that inside he is shattered, if at all. And it will be somehow because it is demanding and would not have gotten there if I had not believed that it was with “the chosen one for the chosen super relationship”. As they also have a sense of failure or betrayal, they will want revenge, and they will want to hurt. That alone makes them feel a little better before they start looking for love again.

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