What Defines Sagittarius' Love Life?


As much as he always walks with his fears that no one will take away his freedom, the archer has a very moved sentimental life, as he is, which he needs to be with people who carry his roll, normal. That’s what we all want. But Sagittarius bets hard because he is brave. And it goes as it has to come out. Not bad. Did you doubt it? To begin with, Sagittarius men and women go through life going through love more than they then go through. And that gives them a little bit of difficult that they like very much. Then, with their sense of humor, their love of freedom, and their taste for travel, they seduce whoever it takes, for whatever it takes and for as long as it takes. This is the sentimental life of Sagittarius:

While living small stories, Sagittarius enjoy conquest, teaching the other their philosophy of life and creating a bond with a very strong base of friendship. Sagittarius likes to go little by little, to control if he wants more or if he wants less. Especially since the archer idealizes love and from one time to another, he learns that after this idealization there are usually many disappointments. So the more disappointments you avoid, the better.

Sagittarius also sins of a certain inconstancy in their feelings so they usually have a hectic sentimental life, with very good moments and others less. But the worst are well overcome by Sagittarius with his optimistic and adventurous spirit. The important thing is to find people with whom to share many moments, plans, trips and hobbies. And more.

Kisses for example. Sagittarius is bold and brave and takes the initiative quite well. He likes to dominate in some way, and in the way of kissing it shows, because he does not always have the same desire to kiss. And if you don’t have them, they don’t like to be forced to kiss. With sex it happens the same, he likes it, he wants it, he looks for it, but… Sagittarius decides when, where and with whom. He really wants it from the beginning and is quite active and tireless. And in different places. With a lot of language to accompany the moment. And… well, no problem Sagittarius with sex.

After the stories, kisses and sex can come… Love.

And may love come and be of those who stay. There Sagittarius enters a small, more confusing stage in which it is difficult for him to decide what to do. His freedom is very important but he also knows that finding a partner for that kind of life he likes to lead is very important. If it gets carried away, we will have a Sagi in love, who will have no problem declaring himself with joy, although they are not very given to delve much into talking about feelings. Enough with that they assume them and commit to give them an adequate context: live together, wedding, tell everyone, set up a house ...

In some moments Sagittarius can retreat due to some fears or downs and stay as if half-hearted. He does not want a wedding, he prefers that everyone lives in his house even if they see each other a lot, tell a few intimates but not the whole neighborhood ... in short, stage fright. But hey, our archer who loves freedom and moving around the ends of the earth gets carried away and ends up surrendering, in his own way. Of course, if you can seal each step with a celebratory trip, you will be happier and more convinced that you are not making a mistake.

Could our Sagittarius be unfaithful?

Well, yes, because free souls always throw for the mountain. And some escape to routine life can be something very stimulating. He will not look for it, but if it comes easy and like a game, he plays fixed. But he will not be unfaithful yes or yes. If it’s okay and you don’t get bored, it’s not much about unofficial adventures. If you do, what you won’t let yourself be left with is to catch easily. Or rather, he won’t recognize that what he was doing is wrong. With that intelligence he has, Sagittarius is what he says “it is not what it seems” and convince with his arguments to the other that he has not done anything wrong.

There are rumors that one of the funniest sagi arguments is when he talks about him being blocked, having a bad time and, “honey, I’ve put the horns on you to clarify what I feel about you.” If that is not having self-esteem and trusting to be victorious, let God come and see it. But a moment, a moment, if Sagi does, deep down it is because she is desperate, because things are not going as promised, because the relationship is on the way to failure. Sure.

The rupture… As for this, again the optimism of Sagittarius leads him not to sink and to see everything with the best face. He will have more freedom and become independent again and he likes that very much. In the same line of positivity, Sagittarius will want a relationship that has been so important not to be forgotten and will be an ex of those who favor remaining friends. And when new couples arrive, go all together for dinner. But it will only happen if you have behaved well, if not… Forget.

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