What Defines Pisces' Self Love?


Pisces has a fairly calm and friendly personality. At times it seems that Pisces self-love does not fit in the world and at other times it does not appear anywhere. It is a water sign so one of the virtues (although some would consider it a great defect) is its extreme sensitivity. Pisces argues a lot with others because they often reproach him for how he can become so sensitive about some things that “don’t matter” and yet be so cold to others that do. Perhaps the scale of values that Pisces has is very different from that of the rest of the world.

With Pisce’s self-esteem, something very similar can happen. When the world thinks it has to get it out, it doesn’t, and yet when the straw broke the camel’s back (even if it wasn’t anything serious), Pisces explodes.

Your self-esteem can be quite stable but it is true that you can get hurt very easily. Everyone is lacking and unfortunately, there are people who do not know how to say things with the tone in which they should. Pisces is hurt by the bad treatment by others, the hints, the intention ... And no, it is not as strong as some people think. In fact, when you feel hurt, the first thing you will do is fight, but the second is to isolate yourself from the world.

If Pisces feels that they have tried to take advantage of her/him, they will take it very seriously and walk away from it all. It can be called self-love or it can be called pride. But if the Fish feels hurt, it won’t take long to get it out. It is true that before, it will be able to hold carts and wagons. And it is also true that perhaps you can get angry about everything and take out your pride on the day you “should least”. But you have to keep something in mind: I had a lot accumulated.

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