What Defines Pisces' Love Life?


Let’s dive a little into the sentimental life of Pisces, a sign of Water, an element that in astrology symbolizes emotions. From this you will deduce that being Pisces pure emotion, your love life will be pure emotion. Yes, emotion, exciting and very intense. Pisces lives for love, and if he does not find it by his side, he imagines it, he invents it… Not for ever. From minute one, in the themes boy-know-girl, boy-meets-boy or girl-meets-girl Pisces will be that romantic dreamer totally open to love. Women are dreamers who seduce with a distracted and half-fragile appearance that makes all men want to rescue them from their ivory tower. This is the sentimental life of Pisces:

Pisces men have that charm and mystery of sensitive but seductive men, with many details to make anyone they have noticed tremble. Romanticisms aside, Pisces move with a magic that draws attention to them, for how tender, kind and helpful they are. They fit well to the one in front of them and know how to use this information to seduce, if they have set their eyes on anyone.

And where Pisces sets his eyes, he puts the bullet. They all fall, more or less.

The thing is, Pisces idealizes people and relationships. Pisces makes a mistake with some shots and sends them in the wrong direction. Because Pisces seduces someone and gets into a story that is then not so pretty, nor was it what he wanted, nor what he believed… And sometimes all of that hurts you a lot. The one who does himself by throwing the darts of love in all directions or the one that others do to him for not wanting the same thing that Pisces wants.

As he learns with age, Pisces avoids some sentimental disappointments and shoots with more control thinking a little about the type of person behind that love he suddenly feels. But Pisces is like that, he surrenders, he does not know how to control himself, nor save anything for later. Many people take advantage of their delivery. But Pisces does not see beyond what he feels, and may even suffer for platonic loves without feet or head.

With sex Pisces seeks to express their feelings so they usually function as a lover in love.

He gives sex with love, sensuality with affectivity, and they hook around because they give him a very productive and stimulating imagination.

Despite the disappointments, Pisces ends up finding real love, as expected. Someone who does want the same thing, who corresponds to him and who wants to build a relationship with Pisces. Pisces will be happy then and even if he does not know how to express it in words, he will worry about doing it with looks, with details, with commitment, with everything that is necessary to create his story. With an illusion that takes him to the clouds those where he is always so comfortable.

When it comes to concretizing that relationship in wedding, coexistence or whatever, Pisces is not very conventional, or rather, it is worth almost everything. Pisces is in love and can say Yes to everything they propose. He wants it all if it’s with that person he’s fallen in love with.

And that Pisces in love will give himself so much that in some moments it will seem an extension of the other.

That’s where Pisces has a hard time putting boundaries between what others ask him to do and what Pisces wants.

When in a couple one of the two lacks what they need, they can look for it outside. If it is Pisces to whom that happens, he may do it because he has been hurt or because he is blocked in a relationship that does not satisfy him, so he will let himself be found by other people. Actually many vece is in his right, things as they are, because for not breaking he endures, but sometimes he should have broken, and he does a lot. And you will abandon yourself to the world of pleasures that transport you far from where you do not want to be.

If it is the Pisces couple who seek comfort outside, it will break the hearts of our fish, without a doubt. They will see it as a betrayal with all the law. As they will not know very well how to express it, they will eat it inside, they will cry alone. And they will take time to cut for the healthy because when Pisces loves, he does not stop loving suddenly. And he will need time, and he will endure the same more, until he exits the door.

In this final stage Pisces has a hard time assuming that everything is over. You will seek understanding, you will feel like you are dying of grief, you will be left alone looking for comfort or answers or waiting for someone to get you out of that darkness. There comes the famous pisces evasion when he does not want to see reality. But the light reaches the end of all the tunnels. And Pisces, as soon as there is light, you will see clearly that what you want is love. And he will start looking for the next one. And as long as he finds it, he will imagine it. But he will never lack it when he wants it. He will pull his magic and get it.

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