What Defines Libra's Self Love?


Libra loves life and love, it is of all the signs of the zodiac, the eternal seeker of absolute happiness. This is undoubtedly a very positive quality, almost essential to achieving good self-esteem, however, as it is quite influential as well as vulnerable, it tends to get carried away by the opinion of others. And sometimes those people don’t always want to do you good. Libra’s self-love is there, always, in fact, this sign «deceives». It may seem that you have lost all that self-esteem (just to do a little theater or because it compensates you at a certain point to do so) but in reality, you know that nothing and no one will make you fall.

A non-constructive criticism could hurt his sensitivity, yes, make him tip his balance for a few moments towards that dark side that he likes so little about himself, but not for long ...

Libra’s self-esteem is resistant, also, just like there are people who do not agree with their way of seeing life, have great support on the other hand. So, in the end, it all pays off.

Perhaps your self-esteem may collapse a bit out of fear. In the end, he stops doing some things because doubts invade him and that in the end can undermine that self-esteem. As if he’s upset with himself for not being able to move forward… But it’s only momentary.

Libra knows what it is worth and what it transmits to others when it feels safe among other things of how much it is capable of contributing to this world in which many times it lacks a bit of coherence, and how coherent things are, this sign He knows how to love himself despite whoever weighs him.

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