What Defines Libra' Love Life?


When you have a social life like the one Libra has, it is easy to think that there will be many opportunities to meet people and have sentimental stories. Well, it’s true. Libra goes out, relates and ends up falling in love many times. And whatever it lasts. Let’s know what these stories are like and how our Libra lives them. Libra is an elegant, kind, polite and very seductive sign. Libra women stand out for their good taste in dressing and for a sensitivity for everything aesthetically beautiful. In addition to the enough, they are very diplomatic and feminine and out there they conquer what they want. Men the same but they also use these virtues a lot because they seduce in a very captivating way, they are very gallant and they are perfect creating romantic situations. Man or women, if they are Libra they will have a very pleasant treatment, a beautiful smile and their way of carrying relationships with many touches of love novel. That’s Libra’s love life:

Libra kisses are the ones that surprise because they are never the same. Libra can be passionate, sensual or romantic depending on how you get up.

And it never gets up the same. Sometimes you can change your attitude even throughout the day. All of that will make you behave in different ways and kiss different ways as well. No one can ever say that they are bored with Libra in this regard.

When what it touches is to be intimate to the fullest and reaches sex, Libra will continue to be an elegant person, who tries to please and for this he will be very aware of what his lover likes. Libra doesn’t say NO to couples for a while, but if he can choose, he prefers that there be an affection, a complicity and a minimum of feelings before going to bed with someone. Sex with people you don’t know at all is not what you’re looking for, although you don’t avoid it at all costs. Oh, and boring sex doesn’t like it at all. He prefers not to have it. It’s that simple.

When he falls in love, and does so with some ease, Libra begins a stage in which it is difficult for him to advance.

He looks for answers to everything, he does not know to what extent he feels or really what he wants. He wants everything and he doesn’t want anything. He is good at platonic loves and when they come true he feels that he is out of the game. In the face of so many doubts, it may even give the impression that it is difficult for it to commit but it is that Libra wants to move forward being safe, and if it is not sure, it does not advance and that’s it. Or move forward in fear, but never 100%.

His idealistic part also leads him to compare what he has with what he expected and there he gives some other brakes in the relationship. But it never goes backwards. Libra likes to have a love story and as long as they let him go his own way, he will allow himself to go at his own pace. When he is already sure or has been rushed, he throws himself, to call it in some way. Or let it be done. If it were for Libra, everything would be done differently, but hey, that’s what he thinks. What counts is to do. Well, go ahead, whoever has it clear to act!

While having a stable relationship, Libra is happy. Inside you will always have your mental messes; he will think about whether what he has was what he expected. But Libra will never let anything be spoiled by it (it goes so far as not to think about wanting something different just in case it gets blocked). He will follow the path, he will let himself be loved, guided, and he will enjoy all this very much. Really. The first thing is to please the other and if that makes relationships work, Libra is an expert.

When it comes to being unfaithful, Libra may ever fall into it because being so seductive gives rise to creating situations that lead to this infidelity.

And since Libra gets so carried away… The issue is also aggravated because when he is unfaithful, Libra runs the risk of taking a liking to the amount of new sensations he discovers. But it will never be if you are in love, it is more you can flirt, you can fool around with other people but from there to the fact ...

If it is Libra to whom they have been unfaithful, they eat it a little inside. In principle, he denies it and denies it. Then he assumes it and doesn’t know what to do. And since he doesn’t want to rush anything he’s not sure about, he doesn’t make decisions. And the relationship stagnates in the bad because of the part that it is up to Libra to decide.

If it is not for infidelities, Libra runs out of love when he has to live in a very absorbing relationship, or with many dramas. It can also happen that it is the other person who gets tired of Libra. But for this situation, Libra is one of the signs that begins to mentalize long before something happens to cushion the damage.

Once it has done everything it can to delay the end, libra has to make decisions. Even if they are the ones that the other takes. It is at this point, when Libra does not feel pressured to decide, but they decide for him, that Libra is stronger than you think. Remember that first of all, since the beginning of the relationship, Libra has always lived in doubt of whether he was doing well, of whether it was the best… So go back to the beginning, and show what you do best. That he knows how to survive when everything is doubted, which is what usually happens when a sentimental relationship ends. Well, Libra comes with an advantage. And start looking for love again.

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