What Defines Leo's Self Love?


A Leo has plenty of self-love, really you have left ... But Leo must also understand that there is a lot of pride and self - centeredness facade, but inside is soft and delicate as cotton. And it suffers too much for everything, and it is one of the most feared signs by the rest but also one of the most sensitive of the Zodiac.

Leo’s self-love is there, and it may seem that apparently nothing and no one can make him fall, but all that glitters is not gold.

Leo is optimistic, and as a good sign of fire, he feels that in the end, he will always come out of all of them. But sometimes, they hurt him so much that at the moment, he seems to shrink and feel like the world is ending. But, to the misfortunes of many, this is only temporary and Leo will ALWAYS stand up stronger.

Leo has self-esteem, yes, but that does not mean that it costs him a lot to be rational and love himself more than to be impulsive and screw it up. Because it costs you, it costs you. And especially in matters of love. The lion fights a lot with himself. She knows that the love she has for herself tells her not to crawl for anyone, not to beg, not to believe herself less than anyone else ...

If Leo is in love, but all that aside, not much, but enough to feel bad later. Because Leo is not like that. Because he does know what he is worth and what he deserves. Leo does love himself and tries to respect himself. And when you look back and see that you have wasted your time and almost lost your self-esteem and your worth for someone who is not worth it, you get very angry. Not with that person but with himself.

But with Leo the anger does not last long so, he will dry his tears, he will dress in what he knows best suits him and he will look back at life with hope and enthusiasm. Leo’s self-love is indestructible.

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