What Defines Leo' Love Life?


As you may be imagining, the sentimental life of lions has a little bit of everything because this sign lives outward, gives and wants to receive, feels and wants to feel. And it feeds on everything generated by its relationships, family and friends, but above all sentimental ones. The bread of his life. Both Leo men and women do not go unnoticed anywhere. Wherever they arrive with their brightness, more than one person will look at them and will want to approach them to get to know them better. Leo women are very attractive and always have a lot of admirers. Leo men are very active in seeking love and know well what they want. But they also sometimes let themselves be loved, especially because they do not lack candidates. This is Leo’s love life:

Leo is a sign in love and only with that makes his sentimental life very moved, in quantity and quality.

Leo wants romanticism, he wants to conquer and boast of conquest, he likes foolishness and he does not say no to love if it arises. Its charm, a lot of magnetism and its initiative to search or let yourself be found ensure you have a good offer to choose from.

Despite this flattering panorama so as not to get bored, what Leo really wants is love, a good romantic love, with everything that implies sex, details, commitment, illusion, plans ... And when they fall in love, they throw themselves headlong for the complete pack. They don’t even pay much attention to negative signals that something can’t work. Leo goes for everything, for everything.

For Leo, a romantic relationship or a love story, needs the best scenario to take place. They like to show themselves, be admired, show off what they have, the person they love, make many plans in which to enjoy and teach their history. And act like they’re in a movie. But in his love life nothing is a lie. Everything is true even if it looks like a movie.

Kisses, for example, whether passionate or tender, will be very exquisite, nothing vulgar. When it comes to making love, the same. You could make a movie and it would be a romantic, sensual, exotic film if you need to… A film in which Leo will make love by falling in love. As if he was born for it. Without limits and with an irresistible mixture of all the positions of the Kamasutra between words of love and intimate statements to make anyone fall in love.

If everything goes smoothly and Leo is reciprocated in everything he feels, he will want to prove it every day.

You’ll want the commitment to be sealed. Then a full-blown classic statement can come, with a knee on the ground and all those promises that we all hope to hear at some point in life.

After the engagement, if the wedding comes, it will be big.

If there is no wedding, Leo will make sure that there is some kind of special celebration. He is proud of what he feels, that they correspond to him, and everything seems little to him to sing to the four winds his love.

Throughout the relationship, Leo will make it clear how generous he can be. All of him surrenders to death. And it gives everything to feed that love. You will have romantic details, make gifts, organize plans and celebrations of every feeling, look for the best home to make the love nest and fill it with everything you think can make your partner happy. If your partner is happy, Leo is happy.

But as only in the stories works the “they were happy and ate partridges”, when the love ends, the heartbreak arrives. Let’s see how our lion copes with this part of relationships, although surely you can already imagine it. Not good.

If the breakup comes because of an issue of infidelities, Leo will have some ballots of having been the culprit. His faithfulness ends when he feels that they do not give him everything he needs. He feels that he gives a lot, and he also expects a lot. Or better than much (it’s not about doing 50% accurate either), Leo expects THAT, what he likes and needs. Romantic details, that your partner adores you, that your partner is the best… and anything other than THAT, is that your partner will be failing.

And the horns will come, the ones that Leo puts when he feels that he does not have what he deserves, although before it happens they will always fight to recover what they have and will even prefer on many occasions to end the relationship.

Leo is usually very legal. Of the others, those who put Leo, you can already imagine the one he can mess with if he finds out. And the terrible consequences for the relationship they will have.

Be that as it may, if there are horns or love worn out from using it so much, Leo is one of those who if he still loves, tries to recover everything in one last chance. But it is not usually right when it comes to doing it because it does it aggressively, putting many conditions, not compromising ... and so you can’t. Bye, bye.

And how do we stay with Leo? Bad, but do not think that it will be noticed. His pride will make him get up quickly and even start looking for a spare like a madman to compensate or feel better. Sometimes he gets it early and sometimes he doesn’t. But he always goes out and goes back to look for what he wants most in the world. Love.

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