What Defines Gemini's Self Love?


Gemini may have many faults, one day he may be up and another down, many ups and downs, yes, he may have a lot of tempers and not control that little mouth when he speaks. He may rage and blurt out the worst of the worst, but for his own, he does anything. And because of that, if your self-love has to be set aside for a while, it stays. Gemini’s self-esteem is a bit fragile at times. Goes and comes. You often feel like you are being trampled on by yourself, or by third parties, and still, you keep going. Although people may not know it, Geminis give in a lot, overlook many things because they believe that they can end up being as he/she wishes. And unintentionally, he forgets along the way of loving himself.

He will always boast that he has never lost it, that his self-love is unbreakable. But deep down he knows that more than once he forgot that he had it, more than once he forgot that his self-esteem was also a bit fragile, and he left it in the wrong hands.

The best thing is that Gemini regenerates from time to time automatically.

It is in his nature to constantly know other places, other jobs, and even other friends ... And luckily, when this happens, his self-esteem also resets again. So even if it is sunk one day, the next it will recover.

Geminis know who they are, they know what they are worth and they know that thanks to being the way they are, they come out of many. Gemini’s self-esteem may go away for a while when they drive you crazy when you fall madly in love with the least suitable people when they fail you ... But it always comes back, stronger than ever.

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