What Defines Gemini' Love Life?


For Gemini, his love life is like any other facet of his life. Very interesting. Gemini is vitalistic and everything he does, he puts a lot of interest, a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of optimism and a lot of desire. In Gemini, his famous duality and versatility lead him to have a very complete, lively and abundant love life. There are too many personalities (remembering the Twins and their 20 ways of being different) working to make it so. What we need to know now is how Gemini leads that love life before, during and after. Let’s see now how interesting that part of the life of the twins of the Zodiac is. This is gemini’s love life:

The open, optimistic and friendly character makes it very easy for Gemini men and women to seduce. Then there is his coconut to raise admiration. And already involved in work, and thanks to his facility to talk about everything and very accurately, Gemini conquers everything that is put in front of him. To those who fall at their feet what they like most about Gemini is that they never get bored with this sign. On the contrary, it is Gemini who can get bored with them. But the consequences of that we will see later.

When it comes to intimate, Gemini seduces with kisses. With sex too. Although with what he really sweeps and manages to generate a great passion is when he uses words to ignite the desire, to maintain it and to pamper the orgasm when it arrives.

Gemini is curious in sex, likes to try new things and have the initiative.

The only thing you need to be wary of is your need to have all that and more. And all new. And all fast. Because if you don’t get bored, and if you get bored, bad bad.

In his constant quest to find a twin, Gemini encounters love on many occasions. Or he thinks he finds it. He falls in love fast and falls out of love just the same. And sometimes it even leads to two intense relationships. Yes, Gemini can with all that and more. The goal is to find love but while he likes to have stories without commitment. Stories that enter him strong and although Gemini believes that they are special, only time confirms it. Sometimes Gemini explodes at night and opens his heart to his last boy, and in the morning he has forgotten everything.

When love comes (truer than others), Gemini pulls his entire arsenal of words to let him know.

To conquer you even more than you have already conquered. To name every feeling and feeling. And Gemini is very powerful at communicating everything he feels. This time he also adorns it with facts, with which he does not get so wet when he lives relationships with which he does not want to commit.

For the engagement, Gemini chooses celebrations with many people. As he also knows so many… The illusion and the desire to do things in your relationship do not calm down with the coexistence or the wedding. Gemini likes plans with his partner, social life, weekend getaways, changing the decoration of the house a lot or changing houses or neighborhoods (Taurus with a Gemini would have a heart attack just thinking about all this).

If you have read the above carefully, you will have already realized that the new, the social, and the changes put Gemini. Well, that’s where the problems will come: the routines in daily life that suppose boredom, that everything is always the same. The horns that Gemini puts on (in case he does it because he feels abandoned) suppose to give color to his life, to give him a villa, to give him passion.

What is more shocking is that Gemini seems to be unfaithful out of boredom, sometimes as if it were a game, but deep down there are many more reasons, emotional deficiencies, or treatment that he does not deserve. When they sense that they are being put to them, the Gemini also take the investigation of their partner as a game and do not hesitate to record even the deepest recesses of their private life. They will find out what it takes to definitely open their eyes.

If it is Gemini who has been unfaithful or has been tired and out of love with the other, he will suffer, but he will also start walking quickly in search of his new life.

Between the desire to change and those of freedom, he practically runs. If it is Gemini to whom they say goodbye, he will suffer much more, and he will be able to dramatize, but he will get up and in the same way, he will walk, trying not to notice on the outside that he is broken, convincing himself that he can with that and with more.

He is intelligent and has many mechanisms to deal with these situations. Of course, he also has his little heart and he has to recover when he has been abandoned, like everyone else. But if Gemini has plans and the right mood insight, he will be able to release moorings very easily. And much better than other signs.

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