What Defines Capricorn's Self Love?


Capricorn is one of the safest, calmest, and most stable signs of the Zodiac. As they are very demanding with themselves and with others, they often touch the unhappiness that they detest so much. Sometimes, it is quite difficult for him to feel well in a certain place and therefore, his self-esteem of Capricorn can be affected. You can see that the world around you is happy but nevertheless, feeling somehow that it does not fit at all in that environment. Of course, she has her moments of greatest happiness but it is difficult for her to find it fully. It’s like you’re looking for something but you don’t really know where to find it. This is how Capri feels in so many moments in her life.

Sometimes, she also forgets that not everyone is as efficient, responsible, persistent, and hardworking as she/he is. That not everyone is so sincere and looks out for the rest ...

That is when Capricorn’s self-love seems to disappear a bit. Despite the fact that he has it, he is very saddened by everything, he feels in some way that he does not connect with what is around him.

He believes that there is something wrong with the world or that it simply does not fit here, with other mortals. It is as if he knows that he is very different from the rest.

The experiences teach him that he is allowed to fail, to make mistakes ... He is very intelligent to allow himself to be carried away by the mistakes of others, although sometimes it costs him. Deep down he knows what he’s worth and what he’s capable of. Capricorn can live a life full of pain, but with the ego and pride high up. Even if it is only a facade with which to combat everything external, all the damage that they can do.

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