What Defines Cancer's Self Love?


It is not that Cancer has little self-love, it is that self-love is linked to the rational many times, and the crab is quite the opposite, emotional to the maximum. So your self-love, your ego, and your pride come and go… All the time. Cancer’s self-esteem is vulnerable, a bit fragile at times, and all due to its insecurity. Because one of the biggest impediments that the Crab has in life is that his insecurity stops him in a lot of decisions. And his insecurity also pulls on his self-esteem ...

In love is when they are left without their self-love the longest. Because of course, what is more, emotional than love? The problem is that when Cancer is left without self-esteem, anyone can do whatever they want with him/her. And that is dangerous for your integrity. They can literally do whatever they want with them… Cancer is hopeful that everything can always change. Even when it is not up to her/him. And that in the end is having too much faith.

If you are in love with someone, you fight a lot to get things to be fixed as it is. He can’t stand the idea of losing, he can’t stand the idea of feeling abandoned again. And he will do anything, even humble himself to the fullest to get back what he once had.

Cancer’s self-esteem will be greatly damaged by toxic relationships, or with jobs where they are not valued ...

It is difficult for them to start new cycles, it is difficult for them to turn the page. Cancer has to remind itself more than any other sign what it is worth, what it deserves, what it can achieve, the power it has when its self-esteem is ahead of everything else. And don’t get screwed up by anyone ... If you don’t, you’re lost ... And it will take time to get up again. Although sooner or later it will.

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