What Defines Cancer' Love Life?


When it comes to talking about the sentimental life of any person, it is most likely that there is a little bit of everything. With Cancer it is different. With Cancer, in sentimental matters, there is always a lot of everything. As the song says, “for love I leave everything.” Cancer for love is capable of everything. You need it. Let’s see how much. Although men and women Cancer are very protective, this characteristic becomes very maternal in women of this sign. And that leads them to be the favorites of that type of more childish or sensitive men who love the protective warmth and care offered by the Crabs.

Cancer men are also very welcoming to their partners, and above all, those who mix poise and sensitivity and break any scheme to their partners.

Apart from this, Cancers are tender and very romantic so we lack candidates eager to receive all those lots and lots of attention, kisses and affection that Cancer gives. In addition to benefiting from their gifts as hosts and how well they are at cooking.

With kisses, Cancer speaks. With the first kisses, they are more shy. But as they feel and become more confident, Cancer is one of the signs that envelop you in kisses and hugs. Quantity and quality in the same pack. Cancer is an expert in the physical language of love through caresses, whispers and looks.

With sex the crab works just as well, but it has to occur in a relationship with feelings. By this we do not mean that Cancer does not have sex until he is in love but he needs an affective bond, even if it is small. When he already throws himself into the world of eroticism and sexual pleasures, his reserved nature prevents him from giving himself completely, and he does not relax if the environment is not right. And all because he is afraid of not doing it well, of losing some of what he gained along the way and that his most frivolous charms are not enough.

Cancer feels that outside of bed he has a lot to offer, and that others like what he gives.

Inside the bed everything is different. You feel more insecure. But Cancer is compensating for his lack of self-esteem by opening up as he can to the demands of his partner, because he feels that he must give him everything, it is what he wants and he strives to be very accommodating. But as soon as he finds the person with whom he really feels at ease, everything changes.

Cancer usually falls in love soon and easily. He always seeks the love and security it gives him. Sporadic relationships do not fulfill that function; they don’t give you everything you need. When he is in love Cancer is given through protection to the other person. His tenderness overflows and gives everything. And the more reciprocated the Cancers feel, the more they give, the more they give, the more they ask, the more they want… And if they have to put words to what they feel, they know how to do it with the right words, neither many nor few. But all very expressive of what they feel.

Cancer is getting married but if you can’t do it for some reason, you do like to commit yourself thoroughly to coexistence or some kind of celebration that tells the world your new state. In love. The couple will be the beginning of a future family, and family is a very present value in the life of Cancer. If there is a ceremony, Cancer prefers something simple, very emotional and with his family nearby, of course.

When heartbreak comes, it is often because of cancer’s absorbing nature and its permanent needs for care.

Physical and sexual contacts are also very demanding and can drown your partner. If there is infidelity it will not be on the part of the crab. It is something incompatible with their concept of home and family; horns would spoil that whole core. If it is the Cancers to whom they are unfaithful, the drama is assured. Feelings of loss will alternate with a total collapse of your mood. And if they are just suspicions, you can literally go crazy with doubts. Plus it’s not something you easily forgive.

Separation is a very hard stage in Cancer’s life. Before reaching it, he will do everything possible to avoid it, with the consequent wear and tear and wounds in his self-esteem. When it is real, Cancer will retreat into itself and will have a hard time coming to light again. And he will only do it for his need for affection and affection, for the recovered illusion of finding love again. Of course, Cancer is one of the signs that can be applied that “what does not kill you makes you stronger”. Because when he recovers from everything, he is always stronger than before it happened. Much stronger. Something that the other signs should learn.

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