What Defines Aries's Self Love?


Self-love of Aries is strong, very strong, but when you love someone also vanishes. The ram is super proud and headstrong, and because of that he really gets what he wants. Fight and fight without rest, without brake. Goes for all. The problem is when you fall in love with the wrong person. All that strength he seems to have goes through his mouth. Having a lot of stamina for everything is also insane at times. Stamina makes you stand up, not fall, go ahead with everything. The problem is that you don’t always have to move on with everything ... And from that, Aries will learn a lot over time.

When Aries falls in love, he submits more than he should, he knows that deep down he lets things happen that in a normal state would not have occurred to him. And not one does not pass, it passes a thousand. He knows that his self-esteem is there, but he does not bring it out, he does not send everything to shit as it should ... Aries’ self-esteem is somehow deceived. Aries himself is delusional when he is going through a critical situation. Since he believes he can fix it and save everything in life, he does not give up, and in the meantime, his pride and self-esteem are slowly deteriorating.

Hold on and hold until one day he opens his eyes suddenly, looks in a mirror, and realizes who he is and that his self-love is not trampled on by anyone. And there, he becomes stronger than ever ... There his true self-love comes out. And perhaps it will become iron for a time, and perhaps during that same time it will not bear anything, it will not bear one. Aries is no longer coughing by anyone. You will have had a bad time, yes, but learn from it. For many, it may be late, for Aries not, because it is always a good time to start over.

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