What Defines Aquarius's Self Love?


Aquarius is skilled and intelligent, but his connection to emotions is sometimes simply non-existent. Many times he dodges them, other times it is that he directly does not want to face them. He does not want to look within himself in case he is scared by what he finds. Although you know very well what there is, and sometimes it is better not to see it ... Aquarius is one of the most difficult signs to understand. And not so much because of his ideas or what he thinks but because he is not able to explain to others (with total sincerity) what is going through his head. Aquarius’ self-love is there but you never know where it leans ...

Aquarius sometimes believes that no one will understand what he feels, so he prefers to simplify with everything. Although it sounds strong, sometimes you think you are dealing with people of a level well below him/her, so you do not try.

The self-esteem of this sign will depend on the experiences that life throws at it. But in general terms, no one will know for sure how you are at all times. Unless suddenly, on the least expected day, Aquarius begins to spill everything through his mouth.

When Aquarius decides that it is worth being with someone, he becomes the friend or partner who is willing to sacrifice everything ... Sometimes this plays tricks on him, and his self-esteem could be quite affected (although not sunk) if he understood that he did not have been valued as they really deserve.

It is a sincere and idealistic sign and it will always try to fight for everything it believes is worthwhile. Of course, if suddenly, one day, when he wakes up, he realizes that what he had fought for does not compensate him, he will not hesitate to nip it in the bud. Aquarius’ self-love always comes out when no one expects it. Many think that he is a changeable person and that he does not know what he wants. Aquarius knows that his self-love has hit the table and has made him see that the best thing is that everything ends. As simple as that.

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